Kenny Bee's ex-wife break the pale now rely on heritage of life

Kenny Bee his ex-wife heritage fat

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", Teresa Cheung Kenny Bee (data plan)

according to Taiwan media reports, Kenny Bee's 21 year old daughter Zhong Jiaqing enrolled in Taipei University Department of fashion design practice, 29 sewing machines traced due to too much noise. The roommate in the dormitory, the first time out to protect women is her stepmother, Kenny Bee's wife Fan Jiang. Can't help but wonder, Momo Akiko whereabouts? Chapter to the end of the Hongkong media photographed the day before, fat street, her close friend revealed to the media, chapter in recent years in the United States and Canada run on both sides, the daughter to Fan Jiang together, for many years with chapter contacts. Teresa Cheung and Kenny Bee went bankrupt after the divorce has not remarried, live on the death of his father this year heritage, friends speculated that Teresa Cheung still did not know the daughter, if after the accident can be detonated by the mother and stepmother of war.

Teresa Cheung's father Zhang Jianguo early in Toronto Canada Canada founded Chinese television, so Teresa Cheung is a Canadian citizen, Kenny Bee was in the Canadian tour know wealthy after Teresa Cheung, married in 1988 and gave birth to 1 sons Zhong Jiajun, 1 daughter of Zhong Jia clear, but according to Kenny Bee later interview, said Teresa Cheung's extravagant, finally lead to him bankruptcy, divorce in 1999 after he and Fan Jiang had two and two female, married in 2014. The sale of

script Commission

Teresa Cheung after the divorce had a husband with wife Chen Yaomin, after years of each other because of economic problems and bankruptcy, two people break up alone; she wants to make the film, acted in three films, but not always pick up, moved to the United States in 2005. A close friend said, she in the United States often study short-term performance, drama related courses, the tuition funded by his father, his father early in the Canadian economy, successful and lucrative, unfortunately, her father died in June of this year, estimates she should have a share of the estate. In fact, in addition to

English heritage, because she is very good, in some local contacts, have engaged in the business for Chinese distributors scattered in the United States, and other transactions play copyright, from the Commission, it is reported that about turnover of 1 pens with $50 thousand (about 340 thousand yuan) around.

2 children close with her daughter Zhong Jiaqing stepmother

rarely contacts, close friends say this is her decision, Kenny Bee did not command. Several close friends and Kenny Bee family to meet, are stepmother Fan Jiang with Zhong Jiaqing, two people get along well, Zhong Jiaqing will call Fan Jiang Mama". Kenny Bee and Teresa Cheung after the divorce, Zhang and Fan Jiang several times at war, the children are chosen to stand on the side of the child, the 26 year old son had threatened to break the relationship between the family and the chapter.

friends speculated that Teresa Cheung should still do not know the daughter in the dormitory of the dispute, will call or ask Kenny Bee, but if Fan Jiang came to know Teresa Cheung Zhong Jiaqing, Fan Jiang may be crazy, because of close friends with Fan Jiang and Teresa Cheung know, if caught in the middle in a dilemma, it will not take the initiative to inform Teresa Cheung.

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