The right way to breast feeding four cases should not be breast fed

Baby breast feeding condition method

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we all know that breastfeeding is good, but not every baby is suitable for breast feeding, if the baby has one of the following four cases, try not to breast feeding.


breastfeeding (1) pregnancy positive breast maintenance

starting from fifth months of pregnancy, often with soap and water to scrub the nipple and areola, and the nipple and areola after cleaning is coated with a layer of oil, in order to make the breast skin gradually tough; with a hot towel cover breast and gently hold, with the pulp in the breast around to circle the way massage; wear loose tight to prevent bra, breast dysplasia and bra's cilium blocking mammary duct; each time after bathing in the teat grease, with the thumb and index finger gently stroked the nipple, consult a doctor as soon as possible effective methods to correct the invagination or flat nipples.

(two) after delivery as soon as possible to the baby milk

in accordance with the new provisions of the WHO and the United Nations Children's fund, 30 minutes after as much as possible to the baby milk, and mommy in newborn with the bed, in order to lactation principle of timing, not quantitative on-demand feeding, so baby be the most precious colostrum. Although the mother may be physically and mentally exhausted, the breast does not feel the expansion, but must be early to let the baby suck the breast, so as not to lose the best time.

(three) at any time for the baby breastfeeding

didn't have mandatory times, and the interval of breastfeeding feeding amount, should be when the baby crying or that the Fed would hold the breastfeeding, the baby eats as much as possible, so that the body of the prolactin secretion of Mommy increased, so that the increase the amount of lactation, and also can prevent the mastitis Mommy, avoid eating baby milk. If Mommy is weak or pain, can use the lateral feeding, but after not often lay to your baby, otherwise it will affect the baby after mandibular, cause deformity.

(four) to master the correct nursing skills

in the process of feeding, mommy to relax, comfortable, the baby to be quiet. The mother sits on the low stool or the bedside, if the position is high can put one foot on a foot, or leaning against the chair, put a pillow to raise the baby knee; put the baby in the legs, head of the mummy's arms, Mommy holding his back and buttocks with a small the small arms, face and chest close to the mummy, mandibular close to the breast; Mommy with the palm of the hand hold up the breast with nipple perioral skin to stimulate the baby, the baby mouth, taking advantage of the nipple and areola together into the baby's mouth; let the baby fully contain most of the nipple and areola, which is very critical, otherwise just hold the nipple sucking is impossible to get the milk and baby milk will get hard to suck the nipple, Mommy will felt terrible pain, the nipple can easily be broken if the baby sucking, will cause mastitis To make it difficult to carry on the breast feeding; the mother uses her fingers to press the breast, so that the baby can suck, and will not cause his small nose to be blocked.


rich scientific and reasonable nutrition intake to milk secretion and nutrition and nutrition is good, need to heat Mommy pigment is relatively increased, so the daily should eat a few meals, with 4 to 5 meals more suitable; pay special attention to something to drink a lactagogue soups, such as stewed pork ribs soup, chicken soup, stew, soup, vegetables pig's trotters soup; between two meals, the best drinking water or other beverages. If less milk or no milk, do not give up easily, ask the doctor to recommend some special meal or diet prolactin. But not eating more is better, because in confinement at bed time many activity decreases, while the intake is mainly high calorie or fat Gansu food. If you eat too much, not only can not increase the amount of milk, but the cause of gastrointestinal discomfort and make milk to reduce.

baby four cases not breastfeeding

, lactose intolerance lactose intolerance syndrome

syndrome, is refers to the lack of lactase in neonatal lactose can not be digested. Lactose metabolism is not entirely the product of some toxic substances, these substances gathered in the body, it will affect the development of the nerve center, resulting in infant mental retardation, cataract and so on. Suffering from lactose intolerance syndrome after eating milk or milk will appear diarrhea, severe vomiting, etc.. Long term diarrhea will not only directly affect the growth and development of infants, but also caused the decline in neonatal immunity. Once the baby suffering from lactose intolerance syndrome, it is to stop feeding foods, soy products to feed baby baby.

two, amino acid metabolic abnormalities

amino acid metabolism abnormalities will affect the development of the nervous system of children, easy to affect the development of children's intelligence. Some studies have shown that about ten percent of people with severe mental retardation are associated with an abnormal metabolism of amino acids. The total incidence of amino acid metabolic abnormalities was between 1/10000 and 1/5000. Because the amino acid metabolism caused by many kinds of diseases, PKU is one of them.


is a kind of congenital disease, people with the disease of the newborn is absolutely can not eat breast milk. Phenylketonuria is because the body lacks phenylalanine hydroxylase, can not make phenylalanine into tyrosine, phenylalanine resulting in accumulation of the body, serious interference with the brain tissue, resulting in dysfunction, easily lead to mental retardation. Although the content of phenylalanine in breast milk than milk is obviously low, but these babies are still the best not to eat breast milk or only a small amount of breast milk is appropriate, usually should take a special milk without phenylalanine.

four, breast milk jaundice

breast milk jaundice is the baby will have the phenomenon of jaundice in breast milk. At this time can suspend breast-feeding, generally about forty-eight hours, you can restore the breast feeding. If the recovery of breast feeding, the baby jaundice again increased, can be stopped for one or two days, and then breast feeding. Under normal circumstances, after two or three times such a process, the baby will not appear because of breast milk jaundice, and can continue to breast feeding. If the baby has been the phenomenon of the increase, it is best to stop breastfeeding.

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