Baby diaper change, novice parents to see!

Parents baby diaper novice

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one, the use of baby diaper principle 1, material comfortable and breathable

the best use of cotton texture and good air permeability. Select large manufacturers, the price is reasonable. Convenience shopping mall or store to buy.

2, change the diaper time

before feeding or wake up after changing diapers. After feeding or sleeping, even if the urine, and do not change the diaper, so as to avoid the overflow of milk or affect the baby to establish a normal sleep cycle.

Encyclopedia: in the diaper on a small piece of diapers, and then abandoned after the stool. Only urine stains of diapers, after cleaning in the sun exposure, can be used to.

3, timely clean

parents to help the baby diaper change can not be lazy, do not hurt the skin tender. You cannot directly use the diaper wipe

baby diaper change, with baby wipes to wipe off the stool, then rinse with warm boiling water.

4, the cleaning cloth diaper down the diapers to keep clean, to avoid concentrated washing, storage time is too long, to prevent from urine. All diapers are washed after the use of water immersion disinfection.

Encyclopedia: Diaper wash to dry in the sun. The sun's ultraviolet irradiated diapers, to disinfect. With the rainy weather, the available special baby clothes dryer or iron dry.

two, help the baby's diaper techniques 1, stool wipe clean diaper

, lift the baby's feet, the diaper is folded upwards to cover the sewage, with thickened humidifying health paper towels to wipe the feces after removal of dirty diapers.

2, hips clean

clean diaper waist plug into the baby's bottom, with warm water to clean the hips, with a soft towel to dry the water. One end of the


wear diapers right hand hold diapers, the other hand to open the tape, pull forward and stick to the front. Use the same method to stick to the other side to make sure the diaper is close to your baby's legs and not twist to one side.

Encyclopedia: pay attention to do not let the baby's diaper to cover the umbilical hole, to keep the navel dry and clean.

three, the use of diaper notes 1, diaper edge not too high

diaper temperature is far lower than the baby's skin temperature. If every time the baby diapers on the abdomen, then the baby every day to warm the ten pieces of diapers, abdominal cold degree as can be imagined.

Encyclopedia: afraid of neonatal abdomen catch, so don't put a diaper to the abdomen, waist and baby diaper edge to align the subject.

2, not plastic cloth pad

in adults in order to clean diaper pad to a layer of plastic cloth or blanket. This kind of article is airtight. Does not absorb water. Cause the baby's buttocks around the environment is wet. Temperature rise. It's very easy to cause dermatitis and fungal infections.

3, clean and practical tips in order to prevent diaper

after a few times to harden in the 2 to 3 litres of water to add 3 tablespoon vinegar mix, wash diapers soaked for 5 minutes to dry. Keep diapers clean and soft and prevent diaper dermatitis.

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