7.1.5 version artifact knowledge level directly buy practice small benefit

Welfare artifact trumpet grade

tuwanwang· 2016-12-01 07:33:03

PTR mining that God can directly use the hall of the knowledge of the hall to buy 15, before the 500 level, this is a direct 5.

PTR mining God said for small knowledge can be directly used hall resources to buy to 15, before the 500 level, this is a direct level 5.

the key is to use with all the artifact research file with all the unused

that is to say with this item will consume the backpack did not eat the artifact research files.

Blizzard prevent us loophole ability is really strong......

"and not to use the artifact study file with" also allows those who want to start a few research program, first with this catch, and then the idea of fast to reach the super high speed of the idea of the idea of a super high artifact.

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