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December 1st headlines


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, [December 1st] fiscal union morning news featured

macro news : (1) the UN Security Council unanimously adopted new sanctions on North Korea, the new sanctions will include North Korea's coal exports will be limited to $400 million 900 thousand, and the prohibition of the copper, nickel, silver, zinc exports; (2) Xinhua news agency the article said that the capital of listed companies placards alive at the same time, the shareholders "conceal the concerted action between the frequent. In this regard, "to" strengthen the exchange supervision; (3) in November 29th, Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to implement a fixed VAT refund in order to protect the existing local resources, promote the management efficiency and quality supervision requirements of external reinforcement; (4) the Ministry of Finance issued "local government debt budget management measures", the provincial government debt the limit set by the State Council, the provincial government to determine the provincial and municipal government debt limit.

news : (1) OPEC output to reach an agreement, from January began to cut 1 million 200 thousand barrels a day to 32 million 500 thousand barrels / day, the agreement lasted 6 months, crude oil futures intraday rose more than 10%; (2) the Ministry of Finance notice on December 1st super luxury car consumption tax levy of 10%; (3) oil and gas the reform program will be introduced before the end of the year, the cost of defining details will reference the new electricity reform; (4) the period of zinc and lead the implementation of species trading quota system; (5) welcome domestic oil prices raised eighth year, spend 15 Fen per liter; (6) population and labor green book publishing, that China may need further loosen restrictions in future; (7) bus with three yuan of lithium cobalt material next year ban, is expected to benefit; (8) determine the mainstream price rose to 140 thousand yuan / ton, supply and demand continued tension (momentum; 9) market is expected in November sales of heavy trucks is expected to reach 8.7-9 million, the record high over the same period; (10) the Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said that the reform of the army follow-up initiatives will be gradually introduced; (11) with the rapid development of downstream industries, small metal market demand still room for growth.

news : (1) Qianhai Insurance Holdings of GREE electric 4.13% to become the third largest shareholder; (2) the largest shareholder in the industry body planning equity transfer, and Wanda Ali negotiations; (3) 2016 year intends to send 10 17; (4) the construction of sixth investment A BOE 46 billion 500 million generation AMOLED production line; (5) Chinese railway total bid nearly 20 billion yuan project; (6) China Unicom to clarify, mix change matters without the final approval of the pilot; (7) Gimpo titanium in the titanium dioxide product price increase 1000 yuan / ton; (8) the Chinese boat emergency and the government signed a 878 million yuan contract; (9) Mianyang Happigo fund holdings 12 million 150 thousand shares, holdings fell to below 5%; (10) Sichuan Shuangma shareholders of Beijing pan trust held 5% shares were pledged; (11) ZTE sold nearly 700 million subsidiaries of equity .

: the purchase of new shares mingdiao shares, subscription code 002830, the issue price of 16.53 yuan; center shares subscription code 732098, the issue price of 9.18 yuan.

two, OPEC output to reach an agreement []

intraday price rose sharply on Wednesday (November 30th), according to Bloomberg, OPEC finally reached an agreement to cut output, will cut 1 million 200 thousand barrels a day to 32 million 500 thousand barrels / day. A OPEC representative said, OPEC will not wait for non OPEC countries to cut production. OPEC agreement will take effect in January, will last for 6 months, if necessary, can be extended. International oil price rose, New York crude oil futures contract intraday rose more than 10%, above $49 a barrel.

comment: production agreement finally reached to stimulate oil prices soaring, CSC research reports that in the $40 to $60 oil central, oil exploration business is expected in the second half of this year oil refining business losses, profit is still considerable, chemical products will continue to focus on the business cycle, propane dehydrogenation and polyester industry chain.

three, Qianhai life [aggressively buying GREE electric appliances leading to underestimate the value of attention]

30 evening, GREE announced that the Qianhai life from November 17, 2016 to November 28th during the resumption of the company's shares to buy a large number of shares, the shareholding ratio of 0.99% by the end of the three quarter of 2016 rose to 4.13%, ranked the sixth largest shareholder of the company holding by up to the third largest shareholder, currently holding 5% has not yet reached the standard of disclosure.

comments: insiders said that in recent years, China's rapid growth in insurance, the three quarter of the end of the insurance asset size has reached 14 trillion and 600 billion, the proportion of equity assets is only 14%, far below the upper limit of 30%. Equity asset allocation needs more and more high. At present, we are the basic shape of the electricity industry oligopoly situation, the industry advantage of strong corporate profitability, is the quality of the equity allocation object. Qingdao Haier (600690), the United States Group (000333) and other household electrical appliances leading dynamic PE only about 12 times, a higher proportion of cash dividends.

[four, "Liaoning coastal port integration plan" is combined with a touch to submit the port traffic department of Liaoning province

] is to carry out "Liaoning coastal port integration plan" of the preparation work plan submitted before the end of Liaoning provincial government executive meeting. Through the integration of port resources, will promote the whole industry more scientific and rational development and utilization of port resources, to avoid disorderly competition, repeated construction problems of Liaoning province of the port, to provide stronger support and guarantee for the revitalization of the old industrial base.

comment: Liaoning coastal port in Hong Kong listed companies mainly in Jinzhou (600190), Dalian Port (601880), Yingkou port (600317), the introduction of integrated solutions, industry leaders will significantly benefit, which belong to the port of Jinzhou (600190), Dalian Port (601880) from the Dalian Port group, had been reported in the media in Liaoning province will strive to build in the center of Dalian Port, Yingkou, Dandong, Jinzhou, Huludao and other ports for the two wings, the Hong Kong cooperation, complementary advantages of the port, the port is likely to form a large group, and based in Dalian Port, the future may involve equity cooperation port. "Liaoning coastal port integration plan" is expected to boost the port of Liaoning Province, the merger is expected to be appropriate attention.

five, 5G [speed communications industry research institutions enthusiasm]

Zhengbao according to understand the information, along with the 5G process, research institutions enthusiasm for ZTE, sunway communication communications industry company rising. The Sunway communication as an example, the research was in September a total of 8 times, has raised 53 and 89 private concerns, and the organization of the company in November survey number more than 175, only from November 21st to 25, received 47 research institutions. Comments:

, sunway communication ZTE company said that the current national 5G standard has not been released, but the company has embarked on relevant technical preparations, will continue to increase investment in research and development. From the perspective of the impact of 5G technology on the industry, mainly concentrated in the large-scale antenna array, ultra dense network, full spectrum access and the new network architecture (SDN/NFV) four aspects.

A shares in the company, Tongyu communication (002792) with RF devices, microwave antenna base station antenna production capacity, is one of the leading enterprises. Institutions that, with the antenna gradually for the 5G upgrade, Tongyu communication is expected to benefit first. Datang Telecom (600198) is the main commitment of the national 5G science and technology projects, in the IMT-2020 (5G) propulsion group, responsible for leading the large-scale antenna and other technical topics.

[six, big data industry "13th Five-Year years" planning will be introduced in the days before

] held big data and information security summit on entrepreneurship, Ministry officials said the "big data industry development plan (2016~2020)" will be introduced during the year. The industry believes that the next five years, the big data industry market will maintain rapid growth, is expected by the end of this year the size of the market Chinese big data industry will reach 248 billion 500 million yuan, in 2020 the domestic big data industry will reach 13626 yuan.

comment: big data "13th Five-Year" plan is expected to focus on involving big data in industrial R & D, manufacturing industry chain, the whole process of each link to promote the application of such data will accelerate the integration of assets, promote the innovation and development of the whole industry chain. Large data industry chain is divided into upstream data acquisition, data storage and operation of the middle reaches of the downstream data analysis and mining applications several links. Oriental country letter (300166) as the leading domestic data industry, horizontal and vertical industry chain across the whole industry chain layout perfect, will benefit from the rapid development of the industry. Some analysts believe that the first benefit in the big data boom may be midstream data storage and maintenance, to benefit from the era of intelligent explosive growth of data, the storage industry is expected to maintain more than 15% compound growth rate, may be concerned with the science and Technology (300302). Government and large enterprise data center infrastructure providers such as IT and DNT (300245), will benefit from the government and accelerate the construction of sharing platform of open resources.

seven, 13th Five-Year [intelligent manufacturing planning and publishing the theme of investment] getting better

world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will be held on December 6th to 8 held. It is understood that the international conference is jointly sponsored by the Ministry and the Jiangsu provincial assembly, will be released 13th Five-Year national intelligent manufacturing planning.

comments: investment concerns: first, the local intelligent manufacturing unit in Jiangsu. Jiangsu is an industrial province, for 6 consecutive years, the industrial added value of the total remain first in the country, the development of "made" demand have the advantage. South of Jiangsu five cities are building a national "made in China 2025" model city, will focus on creating a corridor for the international advanced manufacturing industry. Local stocks such as Keyuan shares (002380), two (603111); Connie Electromechanical ministry is in the conference officially released and the interpretation of national intelligent manufacturing "13th Five-Year" development plan for the next 5 years China intelligent manufacturing and key path specified in advance, the concept of intelligent manufacturing is expected to rise again, related stocks such as intelligent machines in Shanghai electromechanical (600835), (300124) Kymmene technology and other industrial automation Jingshan light machine (000821) etc..

[eight, memory accelerate localization industry boom to

] according to media reports, the national memory base is located in Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone of the Yangtze River will be stored at the beginning of December officially started construction. The project plans to invest 160 billion yuan within 5 years, the Wuhan new core existing 12 inch advanced integrated circuit technology R & D and manufacturing capacity as the basis, focus on the development of large scale memory chips, lay the foundation for the layout of China independent memory industry. From the industry perspective, since October due to the short supply of new capacity caused by the gap, DRAM prices rose nearly 30%.

comment: the industry believes that the memory chip is a short board of the development of domestic industry, the market has long been Samsung, SK Hynix and micron three giants monopoly. Therefore, the domestic development of memory is not only the market demand, but also the strategic needs of information security and industrial security. From the demand perspective, the downstream PC, servers and smart phones on memory capacity requirements continue to increase, the industry has a huge potential for development. The A shares of the company's core (002049), purple violet group of the Yangtze River to invest in memory company, a stake of more than 50%; (600584) to purple Changdian science and technology layout DRAM business, has become a world-class leading IC packaging and testing IC.

[nine, power battery industry to accelerate the integration of leading companies is expected to lead to benefit] day before

"automobile power battery industry standard conditions (2017) the draft" seminar held in Beijing, China, BYD and other domestic lithium battery production enterprises related to production, R & D and other provisions are discussed. Enterprises agreed that the draft will promote the power lithium-ion battery industry technology innovation and healthy and orderly development of the industry. According to the provisions of the controversial annual output of not less than 8 billion watts, enterprises have suggested that can be implemented in stages, proposals have been submitted to the ministry.

agency believes that the power battery industry blind expansion, disorderly competition resulting in serious excess capacity, industry reshuffle is inevitable. The new regulations can greatly improve the technical threshold and the threshold of the industry industry, remediation industry chaos promote industry standardization is self-evident. After the seminar, the power battery business to improve the industry technology standards and industry consolidation trend has reached a consensus, the industry is expected to step into the right track. Leading companies are expected to be the first to enjoy the dividend policy, the pace of integration to accelerate. Can be concerned about BYD (002594), Nandu power (300068), etc..

[ten, wind power development plan released "13th Five-Year" industry confidence]

the National Energy Board recently issued a "wind power, hydropower development plan" "13th Five-Year". "Planning" pointed out that by the end of 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power grid to reach 210 million kilowatts, offshore wind power installed capacity reached 5 million kilowatts; annual wind power generation to reach 420 billion kilowatts, accounting for about 6% of the total generating capacity. "13th Five-Year" period, wind power construction total investment will reach 700 billion yuan, the industry chain will continue to develop. And recent feedback shows that the wind power industry for the next year is full of confidence, is expected to add more than 30GW installed next year, an increase of more than 25%. Recommendations concern Tatham (300129), Titan wind energy (002531).

eleven, [Shenzhen A shares scarce attention through the opening around the corner plate opportunity]

11 25 April, the Commission and the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission issued a joint announcement, Shenzhen Tong will be opened on December 5th, A shares of Listed Companies in Hong Kong stock market compared to the relatively scarce plate such as liquor and military will usher in the capital favor. The liquor industry because of its advantages such as stable profit has always been QFII preference, recently a number of Wuliangye and Moutai, Guojiao liquor business has announced a price increase or by stops the goods in the form of price increases, showing that the industry has to pick up signs. In addition, near the end of the year, new year's day and Spring Festival are two major festivals of liquor consumption season, the industry entered a period of stock trend in December period, the proposals concern Jinfeng wine (000568), Shuijingfang (600779).

in addition to the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the military sector to bring good, the demand is also of concern, since the second half of the military sector downturn trend, many stocks are at historic lows. Military reform has been a year in the background of reform of state-owned assets, improve the level of military group reform trend of asset securitization through capital operation is the main catalyst plate, in addition, the "army" to bring the stock investment opportunities also can focus on the military field open to private enterprises, information security, equipment manufacturing and other areas of high quality private enterprises will directly benefit. Investment targets, the proposed focus on integration into the fly (002160), aircraft electrical (002013), the Galaxy Electronics (002519).

, twelve [service modern agriculture construction of water conservancy and water saving irrigation] Ministry of water conservancy

broad space for the latest news, 2016 "government work report" proposed "to start 20 major water conservancy projects have been fully completed the task. At present, 172 major water conservancy projects have been started construction of water-saving 105, the total investment in the construction of the total size of more than 800 billion yuan.

comments: it is reported that the country's normal annual water shortage of nearly 40 billion cubic meters, of which agriculture accounted for 30 billion cubic meters per year due to lack of water caused agricultural losses of more than 150 billion yuan. This year, the general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly stressed that water conservancy padded short board, to accelerate the construction of major water conservancy projects. Can be expected, under the policy support, the future of water conservancy construction investment is expected to continue. Listed companies, agricultural irrigation and water saving tap Dayu water (300021), Xinjiang Tianye (600075) and water conservancy engineering enterprises in Gezhouba Dam (600068), Three Gorges (600116) is concerned about the bargain.


] momentum continued tight supply of glufosinate to dealers and manufacturers to verify the mainstream, glufosinate mainstream price rose to 140 thousand yuan / ton; close to the market without price, the remaining manufacturers delivery Yongnong lier, three, significantly enhance the degree of market concentration; supply and demand continued tension momentum, downstream customer purchases are generally difficult to satisfied.

comment: glufosinate high activity, less dosage, low toxicity, can carry out microbial degradation in soil, and the release of carbon dioxide has high safety, less environmental pressure etc.. Glufosinate as glyphosate upgrade alternatives, has a huge market space in the future. The domestic large-scale production of glufosinate are not many enterprises, listed companies Lier Chemical (002258) is one of them, may be concerned about.

[November fourteen, heavy truck sales or a record high over the same period]

industry monitoring data show that the Shaanxi heavy truck production in November will exceed 13 thousand units, according to the projections of Shaanxi heavy duty truck market share is expected in November, sales of heavy trucks is expected to reach 8.7-9 million, the record high over the same period, an increase of nearly 90%.

comment: from the demand side, with the manufacturing industry is getting warmer, the recent coal and iron ore prices, mining enterprises purchase of commercial vehicles intend to ascend; in addition, the highway overrun governance objectively promoted the heavy truck sales rose. Recommendations concern vehicle manufacturing listed companies Chinese heavy truck (000951) and parts enterprises such as Weifu (000581), Weichai Power (000338).

fifteen, small metal market demand is still growing space

, according to the Shanghai composite information research, with the rapid development of downstream industries, small metal market demand is still room for growth. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the relevant person in charge said that the gradual improvement in the demand for indium, gallium, te existence of price rebound hope; tungsten, molybdenum, antimony and other products have been rising demand.

specifically, indium, indium Chinese 2016 consumption growth rate reached about 7%, mainly due to the display of ITO target for growth, is expected next year will accelerate. Molybdenum, this year the basic surface of the domestic molybdenum significantly improved, because of stainless steel, alloy steel industry growth, molybdenum demand rose 18.3% year on year. In terms of germanium, the current fiber with four germanium tetrachloride process to accelerate the process of substitution of imports, the trend is obvious, stimulating the continued growth of domestic demand for germanium. With the continuous progress of the construction of optical fiber and other infrastructure, the demand for germanium is growing.

sixteen bus, three yuan [lithium cobalt material] ban next year is expected to benefit from

recently, the Ministry held on further improving the application of new energy automotive safety supervision work xuanguan. The meeting pointed out that since January 1, 2017, bus three yuan battery for "recommended the promotion and application of new energy vehicles" of the directory, should also pay third party inspection report. Insiders pointed out that the terms or show that through thermal runaway test and thermal runaway expansion test under the premise of three yuan, the lithium battery bus can apply for the recommended directory, or it will mark the application of three yuan battery in the car on the lifting of the ban since January 1, 2017.

comment: Shenwan Hong believes that the bus single car consumption than passenger cars, policy restrictions on release constitute a major positive three yuan battery industry chain, CO benefit varieties is deterministic. Huayou cobalt industry (603799) is the largest manufacturer of cobalt, cobalt oxide three core products four three quarter prices began to enter the channel; Grammy (002340) through the processing of electronic waste recycling cobalt nickel powder, has formed a "cathode material core industrial chain materials recycling - precursor to manufacturing three yuan materials manufacturing".

seventeen [European stock markets were mixed oil prices soaring over 9% more than the decline in the price of gold]

stocks were mixed on Wednesday, a series of economic data released days further showed that the U.S. economy into the fourth quarter remained strong. European stock market closed hit three week high, energy stocks rose sharply. International gold futures rose to expand and as the dollar fell sharply, the decline in the price of gold is still difficult to stop; OPEC output to reach an agreement, the international crude oil futures prices rose more than 10% in trading Wednesday, closed up more than 9%. Supported by good economic data, the dollar index rebounded, the euro, the yen and other non US currencies have declined.

fiscal union statement: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of self.

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