Before the crash in Brazil call exposure: circuit failure fuel depletion


yangshiwang· 2016-12-01 09:57:03

Brazil Football Club Kearns chapais charter flight crashed in Columbia tragedy caused 71 people were killed, only six survived. What is the cause of the crash? In November 30th, the Columbia media broadcast before the crash, the driver and the airport control tower call recording, may solve the crash.

" before the crash, the plane from Bolivia captain Miguel · Quiroga, to the destination - Columbia Medellin city Jose · Maria · Cordoba International Airport air traffic alert, said the plane "Lamia flight 933" appeared "serious fault", "complete failure", and "fuel has been exhausted to the airport so request emergency landing".

" crashed airliner captain Miguel · Quiroga: Lamia flight 933, occurrence of circuit fault, a complete failure of fuel.

Columbia media also reported that at the time of the incident, there is a "Columbia National Airlines airliner is near the airspace, copilot the plane also heard" Lamia flight 933 "help.

according to the copilot description, at that time, "Lamia flight 933" driver continuous issued "Mayday", request the airport to assist aircraft landing -- but then, everything will be finished.

airport tower: ramea flight, please inform us of your position, he is not online.

radar, the "Lamia flight 933" hovering in the air after a few laps, disappeared from radar.

multi investigators to focus on the "black box"

to lead the investigation into the crash of the Columbia Civil Aviation Authority said it is very helpful to investigate the cause of the crash.

at present, Brazil dispatched investigators have also arrived in Columbia, and went to the scene of the crash; in addition, the British manufacturer of Bolivia and the accident aircraft, also sent experts to assist in the investigation.

next, investigators will focus on the crash of the plane's two black boxes - that is, the aircraft's flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. The two black boxes have been found in less than a day after the crash.

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