Defense Department responded, "Chinese troops entered afghanistan"

Afghanistan Chinese troops vehicles terrorism

zhongxinwang· 2016-12-01 09:59:47

data figure: "the Wakhan corridor first whistle" patrol

in new network on 30 November, on the 30 day of the defense ministry's regular press conference, spokesman Yang Yujun said that foreign media about China military vehicles enter Afghanistan patrol report the fact that in recent years the negotiation in the border area between the two countries to carry out joint enforcement actions.

has a reporter's question, the recent foreign media reports that the territory of China has emerged in the armed forces of china. Does this indicate that there is a Chinese military presence in Afghanistan?

Yang Yujun responded that foreign media reports on the Chinese military vehicles to enter the territory of Afghanistan and the fact that the patrol does not match. In recent years, the law enforcement departments according to the agreement on the strengthening of the border law enforcement cooperation agreement, to carry out joint enforcement actions in the border areas between the two countries together to prevent the fight against terrorism and organized transnational crime.

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