Exposure Wu Sha Liu Xiang Fiji low-key wedding


wangyitiyu· 2016-12-01 11:12:21

net exposure Liu Xiang and Wu Sha has been completed in Fiji Island Wedding, the scene did not have too many people, it is very low-key. Liu Xiang a blue suit, Wu Sha dressed in a white skirt, two people on the beach side to complete a simple wedding ceremony, it is very simple.

Liu Xiang has been concerned, after the marriage and raise a Babel of criticism of Ge day downtown, the final two part. In January 9, 2016, Liu Xiang drying out a finger with a red line connecting pictures on micro-blog, and @ women's pole vault athlete Wu Sha, which is officially announced the two love.

" fell in love with Liu Xiang is the former women's pole vaulter Wu Sha, in 2009 Eleventh National Games women's pole vault champion. It is reported that Liu Xiang and Wu Shakespeare had dated in 2009 after the National Games, when both men and women had to talk about marriage, but this affair has not reveal to the public.

compared to ge days, Liu Xiang home for the Wu Sha are very satisfied, because the two are practicing track and field, for each other's career is also more able to understand. Wu Sha was born in 1985 in a broad interests of the girl, not only won the game also got under the kitchen, DIY desserts, shrimp processing lines are also very deep, Liu Xiang's parents love.

had participated in the "Amazing Race" this reality show, Liu Xiang has to admit and Wu Shakespeare married, "ask me why not. But in fact, I had to propose, I asked for a marriage, you know? After marriage, you know? "It seems that Wu Sha has become liu.

seems to escape the media attention, Liu Xiang chose the Fiji Island Wedding and Wu Sha, complete their marriage.

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