Hefei people send a card trick prostitute turf fights caused 1 dead

Death Hefei one person Anhui

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card trick prostitute turf fights caused one death and more than and 10 people were charged in an online review

news December 1st according to the Anhui daily news in August 24th this year at Hefei, two people because of sporadic card trick prostitute turf during a strike violently, people injured and killed. Recently, more than and 10 people were arrested for crimes by the police transferred to Luyang procuratorate for examination and prosecution.

on the same day at 4 pm, a public warning, Luyang district near Guzhen road and road junction Scarlett fights, including a man lying on the ground motionless. Area police rushed to the scene to find, a man has died. After investigation, the day early in the morning, Du Mou, Hu Moumou, Liu was found in his head exudes a card trick prostitute hotel from another card trick prostitute, then dial the card on the phone, they let the other name to trick prostitute from slip female and then the woman detained.

in connection with the woman's boss after the owner of the phone call, Du learned that the other side is because of the distribution of the card with the occurrence of the conflict moumou. In Lu'an, Zhao Moumou requirements of the woman who put the woman first, and then put forward to let the person in charge of the card to come over.

Zhao Moumou then contact with the Feng, let it to pick up the woman back, and told him that the other party has a knife and a baseball bat, so that it with some people and tools, in case of a fight to prevent losses.

pingmou learned of the situation, the people gathered, rushed to the site of the incident, the two sides fight brawl occurred, resulting in a party Du Liu died. The investigation organ believes that Zhao Moumou 10 people involved in armed affray, on suspicion of affray crime; Hu Moumou in the fight together with others to beating steel Liu caused the death, suspected of the crime of intentional injury. At present, the case has been handed over to Luyang prosecutors to review the prosecution.

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