Users who do not challenge Shen Mengchen P ashamed to say that Du Haitao wants to marry

Shen Mengchen Du Haitao friends said Aya the real man 2

qianzhanwang· 2016-12-01 11:37:41

沈梦辰叫板网友现在有谁不P图 害羞承认想嫁给杜海涛

had repeatedly P controversial future mango a sister Shen Mengchen recently responded to this challenge, friends said now who's not P, but she also felt when hair photo, only P of their own, no P cousin Liu Wen, I feel very sorry for her there explain the first time call, hope will not be any misunderstanding between two people. An interview with Shen Mengchen continue to play in this upright personality, and her "real man" in 2 demonstrated the character, spade, not equivocate.

沈梦辰叫板网友现在有谁不P图 害羞承认想嫁给杜海涛

when a guest on a program, Shen Mengchen talked about his P figure only P himself not P Liu Wen, she responded that "who does not P map", but she also frank, a little sorry big cousin. The outside world for her affair with Du Haitao is very concerned about, Shen Mengchen did not mean taboo in many programs, show affection, the shy to confess to want to marry Du Haitao.

沈梦辰叫板网友现在有谁不P图 害羞承认想嫁给杜海涛

program, the host Aya mentioned the scandal boyfriend Du Haitao, Shen Mengchen quickly transformed into a small girl. Although he has been a fan of Huang Zitao, but when asked whether because of Huang Zitao's courtship to give up Du Haitao, Shen Mengchen and resolute attitude to deny. Aya jokingly asked her seeing it want to marry Du Haitao? Mengchen Shen suddenly shy blush, but still very definitely said: "of course, that" two people seems to still be in love stage, and still fight career, just do not know what time can get married, it is the second to get married soon the host.

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