Too much force? Ran Yingying turned himself P into Fan Bingbing.

Fan Bingbing wife hard dinner

fenghuangyule· 2016-12-01 12:17:14

" Zou Shiming wife ran Yingying entertainment news the evening of November 30th, Zou Shiming's wife Ran Yingying released the dynamic, drying out a few photos which I participate in the activities of the photos in the photo V ran Yingying a dark red dress, black long hair is excellent temperament. However, the face is slightly stiff or triggered a netizen tucao.

we have said: "excessive retouching repair Fan Bingbing, do not repair the pretty" and "dynamic figure face is very normal, usually a very nice photos Mito P, but is too much".

yesterday, Zou Shiming couples from the United States Ambassador invited to attend the Christmas dinner. Ran Yingying issued a document saying: "once again thank the United States ambassador to China Max Baucus Ms and his wife Melodee Hanes Mr invitation, the warmth of the home, although I was late, the door instantly warm welcome to let me move to tears. Thanks to the Special Olympics special Olympics athletes have been on the support and help, unforgettable Christmas dinner. "

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