Roadside sweep yards open Mercedes, BMW is a kind of what kind of experience?

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taxi software price, whether recently is the impact of policy or market, that has been using a mobile phone in the taxi people have noticed. This part may again to switch to public transport, at the same time with the shared bicycle boom, but in fact most people don't know it there is another kind of choice, and it shared bicycle rental experience similar, but the price is cheaper than by sharing cars, or call the timeshare rental car.

shared cycling we already have a good understanding of, a App, to find a nearby car, sweep yards away.

" (now on the road more pedestrian bicycle)

except in roadside sweep yards rode a bike, in fact, the roadside have more you can unlock the "new skills", for example, to drive away in a BMW, Mercedes Benz, the following.

" (in the street in Beijing also has a multi car with two-dimensional code, they are not advertising, but you can keep away it) but you

do not worry, in fact, left a real car but does not need to spend too much of your energy, is also a App will be able to get. And you don't know, maybe the scan code are cycling from orange wars to a melee, in your mobile phone App up to 3 and 5, but in the face of scan code to drive a car here, you may face the same choice as.

" in fact, car sharing or is when the rental car have a long history, if you have recently been getting used to sweep the yard ride, look at BMW, Benz scan code as well as new energy vehicles experience, as you the reference is not in the future, you can also try.

because when I first saw the roadside car with a two-dimensional code, although the written code sweep away, but my heart will still tell me its cost is very high, even apart from the price, I think in the next to the car over half an hour maybe are not going to open it.

so I took a photo, go home, the results of the study found that the new world.

new car experience

and traditional car rental, and even the new car rental platform is different, the majority of these sub rental car parked on the roadside, there are a few in the parking lot. But what's important is that you don't need a real car key, and you don't need to be sure to use the car's attention. You need to open the door and drive away. Here I introduce

three App, TOGO (Benz Smart). The song, EZZY (BMW I3) and once (Beiqi new energy vehicles).

is used for the first time all App are almost the same, Download App, upload license, wait for the audit takes about a day, also need to bind a credit card (just as illegal, so will be used) is when you first not ready to see this car is not going to open it.

" as compared to the number of shared bicycle, car sharing is still relatively small, so most of the time you see around the car from App, you can see the car information base, the specific location, the distance between you and the Limited number, and so on. Then, like the v-mobile bike, you can book 15 minutes.

" if the distance OK, you can also ride a bike near the shared past, to the car near the mobile phone, Bluetooth will automatically and auto communication, you can open the door, flashing lights, shut the door and some other operations. Car keys in the car, usually in the car or the center console, it has only one function is to launch a vehicle, you do not need to bring it to get off. Finally,

car is more interesting, as long as the operating range, basically can be parked in the change whenever and wherever possible, legal parking is good.

but the way song rules are set up by their outlets, will charge a parking fee of 5 yuan per kilometer, up to 25 yuan, so the best place for you to have a network. And EZZY is operating within the region is good, there is no cost. Once you need to do is outlets, but once the network has more than and 200, compared to find.

5 Mao opened BMW, 2 yuan open Mercedes Benz?

for sharing the car is too much, I give you a simple example of this is three more features, the user experience is also doing better, so they talk about the price, you can feel.

song TOGO (Mercedes Benz Smart): mileage 1.88 yuan / km + day 0.28 yuan / minute that is 16.8 yuan an hour, 0.02 yuan at night / minute is 1.2 an hour. So after 8 pm in a very cost-effective, basically do not have to consider the traffic jam, so go and eat dinner, no matter stopped for several hours.

EZZY" (BMW I3): EZZY flagship high-end users, but it is only to charge 0.5 yuan a minute, you need to recharge enough money, most stalls in 600 yuan, and the membership fee or monthly settlement, need to re purchase next month. So you want to use high frequency to become more cost-effective.

" (once Beiqi new energy vehicles): relative tariff is the cheapest, 1.5 yuan / km, 0.15 yuan / minute, often there will be concessions, the price is probably about half of the vehicle drops, while the other two may not be good, but for useful car demand is still very affordable.

" at the end, there is a benefit, all charges are fixed, and not like drops as the dynamic increase, so when you taxi difficult, car peak can consider, will be very effective, and the most important are you in addition to the driver, and the remaining four seats to be shared, group would be cheaper.

is the final test of your hand speed, and a taxi difficult when they are also in short supply. The


but it is the biggest threshold after all is said and done, is to "old driver", of course, also apply to the car but a limited number of friends, in fact, "new drivers can also take it in hand, but still want to Caution. But there are a lot of choices for people who have a short-term car rental demand.

when it comes to novices, if there is a violation or scratch and other accidents, how to do? The first vehicles are insured, but illegal deduction still need you to take responsibility, then you need to do is call the customer service hotline, someone will come to help you, don't worry.

second, if it is a song of fuel cars, you need to pay attention to the oil is not enough, but the car has a fuel card, refueling will have a certain reward. Of course, if it is the BMW I3 or Beiqi new energy such a car, do not need fuel card, when the car near the view will show a life course.

finally, there is a threshold occasionally experience "difficult" breakpoint to find the car, the car is very good find, but these outlets are more concentrated in some of the core values, there is a large office building nearby, so in some complex parking lot, looking for the car is more difficult, even if the remote control horn whistle, or ask for directions recommended for novice.

the weather is cold, you can try this new new way, it probably will become another choice for you to work, "the driver" has become so old. But in the future, there will be more and more companies to join the car sharing in the past, what you really feel do not need to have a car, you may feel like now you don't need to buy a bicycle.

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