India is the world's cheapest smartphone had Chinese copycat machine posing fizzled

Freedom copycat machine intelligent mobile phone smartphone pre

huanqiukejizonghe· 2016-12-01 15:39:20

印度全球最便宜智能机告吹 曾拿中国山寨机冒充

[global technology Roundup] reporter Li Zongze according to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported on November 29th, had as long as the price of 251 rupees (about 25 yuan), known as the world's most expensive mobile phone smart aroused media attention Freedom 251 failed. Many people who do not have a mobile phone do not get a cell phone. "Indian News" quoted

responsible for the production and sale of Freedom mobile phone 251 North Bangnuoyida enterprise Ringing Bells founder and CEO Gore said, because the intelligent mobile phone watching movies, listening to music for long periods of time with the consumer, must have better hardware functions in Freedom 251 can not meet consumer demand, the company had to cancel pre orders refund for those who purchased the tickets.

Freedom 251 online pre activities, a total of more than 70 million people pre registration, many people have been online payment, but in July Ringing Bells announced the delivery of 5000 mobile phone to support those who purchased the tickets, there are still many pre said did not receive mobile phone.

the company had called out Freedom 251 is the world's most expensive intelligent mobile phone made in India, want to make every India people hand an intelligent mobile phone, but the media found the company show the mobile phone is China, the copycat machine manufacturing, and the cost is much higher than the price of 251 rupees, questioned is speculation ingredients high.

Gore said that if the government is willing to invest 50 million rupees (about 5 million 20 thousand yuan), he can guarantee that 750 million of Indians have Freedom 251 mobile phones and become a part of the digital India.

and he said, the government can also find other mobile phone manufacturers in Freedom 251 under the brand, he would not oppose, but in order to make every citizen of India can have intelligent mobile phone, the government should grant betting funds for the digital India initiative.