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in today, the so-called tuyere in today should be the divided into many categories, can create the future wind port of the future is medium outlet, echoed the future is a small outlet. The VR industry is undoubtedly the biggest outlet.

has countless people in the industry believe that VR will change people's way of life, this time probably is five years, ten years, maybe in 20 years. In some ways, VR has been regarded as the challenger and successor of smart phones. Style= font-size: "14px >

so, VR began as a few years ago, the intelligent machines are generally highly valued by the capital market. Sony, HTC, oculus this VR three giants and needless to say, in the volume of fair science and technology or Internet companies are beginning to actively embrace or contact is a VR. On domestic conditions, the concept of VR can, to a large extent, let you in the capital market more story capital (for example, once the storm mirror). When the industry with capital involved, VR apparently is not only a kind of technology, but is given more weight meaning. Style= font-size: "14px >

we look forward, palm fun science and technology investment in shares of unity, one of the first to join Sony PS VR global development plan, investment in the Le VR. A series of actions are in paving the way for the VR industry, and the with the depth of cooperation with Sony interactive entertainment, the official sounded the palm interest in the field of VR into the horn.

Hu also revealed that palm interested in science and technology a new round of VR industry chain layout will be announced in the near future, focus media, online distribution, entertainment, sports, flat and Taiwan etc. segments. At the same time, the palm fun technology some of the game's products will also be launched VR version.

palm of fun doing that is ecological and is not only a single field

as master of the layout of the pan entertainment ecosystem, palm fun action in the field of VR is clearly not satisfied in single for a product, or a piece of field. Through the investment and other actions, we can clearly see that the desire is to cover the palm of VR multi industry, so as to form their own VR ecology.

compared to a single investment in a team, palm interest in using a powerful thrust to itself in the field of VR slightly backward state of rapid follow-up. Style= font-size: "14px >

Hu Bin also said yesterday, VR market there are technical bottlenecks, poor content and low prevalence of these three major issues. These three major problems in fact there is a cause and effect relationship, that is, the technical bottleneck to make content poor, poor content leads to low penetration rate, in turn, push the same. The practical significance of the establishment of the fun of the incubator is, in the VR technology gradually progress, the terminal gradually to know, the content has become a big and high level of competition in the future. Compared to have gradually tended to smooth the hand travel industry, VR content will be fully into the era of creativity and quality.

zhangqu technology related to the person in charge: "zhangqu Internet plus industry incubator founded by zhangqu technology combined with the relevant government departments in Shanghai, to help VR, film and television, games and other high-tech field team to accelerate the growth of the internet. Settled in the team can not only enjoy the development environment, technical training, human resources, capital, fiscal policy and a series of industrial incubator support, including outstanding opportunities for more get palm interested in science and technology and palm interest as the subject of investment funds investment and mergers and acquisitions. "

obviously, palm interested in science and technology to attract outstanding VR team settled, resulting in the fight era of creativity in the quality and quantity of the leading.

why cooperation with Sony?

familiar with Sony history to understand that the unsatisfactory performance in the field of intelligent machines, Sony will not miss a tuyere. That is to say, the field of VR. And SONY's advantage is well known to PS4 as the device entry point of SONY itself has tens of millions of potential users. According to the survey, there are more than ten percent of users made it clear that the purchase of PSVR, which means that, PSVR's sales starting point has been higher than the other two competitors.

so, palm interested in cooperation with Sony's significance is self-evident, for palm of interest. This is best and fastest advance VR industry in a big way. At the same time, the fun of the incubator in the future may also become a point of PSVR content.

for Sony, palm interested in science and technology in China's influence and the vision of the investment, merger & acquisition is the value of the key. PS4 because of policy reasons, the popularity rate in the country is not very high, on the contrary, PC equipment is in many years ago has spread to millions of households. SONY to open the Chinese market, still have to think of ways to increase sales in the country so as to drive PSVR sales PS4. In the era of smart phones, Chinese consumers have demonstrated its strong consumer power, VR era, China's tough battle for SONY is to take the initiative to start a war.

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