They are the descendants of the Nuzhen people with skin to make clothes

The Jurchen seed clothes health

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" the northeast is China a long history of ethnic minorities, the Hezhen tribe originated in the East China Sea jurchen. As early as two thousand years ago, the ancestors have used skin to make clothes. Now, fish leather has become the traditional process, a lot of people are making fish leather, used for exhibition and sale business. Heilongjiang Tongjiang Jiejinkou Hezhen village especially Wenfeng is intangible cultural heritage national fish leather, not only made a variety of fish leather, is also committed to the heritage to future generations, save the fish leather production process continues to carry forward. (Xiao Dianchang / IC (from the East): Tencent pictures)

for Ewing Feng and her fish leather. (from Tencent pictures)

grilled fish. (from Tencent pictures)

skin dress patterns image and content in different poses and with different expressions. The Hezhen nationality people early wear underwear shoes, painted with a variety of patterns, especially women, children clothing pattern is more rich and colorful. (from Tencent pictures)

" from the large range of image points, these patterns are the main types of animal, plant, and other natural phenomena. These patterns are twisted into line with skin, joints and isinglass include "paste, paint", "paste" and "stitch" and "bag embroidered" four craft. (from Tencent pictures)

" in the skin to produce their own clothes. With wavy patterns on clothes, some scholars called the "the type decoration", this sculpture represents the Hezhen nationality people fishing in the rivers, pray for their safety will. (from Tencent pictures)

" in the hearts of the Hezhen nationality people, clouds as a symbol of good luck, the Hezhen nationality people hope from the heart to the Sanjiang plain clouds floating around the chest and back collar cuffs, skirt dragged on, hoping the immortal auspicious clouds ride it, bless fishing harvest, life and health, is the Hezhen ethnic group people reflect the view of nature worship. (from: Tencent pictures)

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