10 minutes KPL tickets sold out for hundreds of millions of fans support

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mofangwang· 2016-12-02 07:26:57

" Dear Summoner:

Wang Zherong glory occupation League finals and thousands of tickets have been sold out by the end of the year ceremony.

thanks to all the call division for the glory of the king has always been the support and love. Just 10 minutes, nearly 2000 tickets sold, which broke all of our apprehension and concern, but there is a little more hands trembling tears. From the Champions League to the end of the year ceremony, our common experience of Shanghai is hot and cold. The king passed one year, remember you have been to match the city crowd, hut point King packages, and even find my personal and private messages asking micro-blog to KPL site can see your love... In fact, in the three dimension of the world we are also in numerous forms. We look forward to experiencing the Kings Canyon with you every four seasons, and I want to be with you and with a tyrant and a bigger and more fierce world. We will do our best to provide you with more professional events, more wonderful performances, more heart programs, more perfect experience. We look forward to meeting you and

in the Shanghai Expo Center, I promise this is Be There Or Be Square, Summoner between gentleman agreement.

finally we did not buy tickets in the arms of the arms of the deep regret, I know that you hold the phone to keep the computer and even the F5 still can not be harvested. You can in December 17th, 18 in the game in the event center, the glory of the king's official website KPL home page, Penguin gaming, broadcast, broadcast, dragon tiger roar TV watch live, there are good manners at.

last of the last, thank you for your love for the KPL to create the limited skin, this skin will be in December 16th in the game on the line for all players to sell.

thank you for your support, we will work harder.

more game information, please pay attention to the Rubik's cube timed glory area.


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