Telltale "Galaxy escort team," the official release of the game


youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-12-02 11:13:18

in Beijing this morning at the TGA awards, Telltale announced that the next IP will be authorized to adventure game Marvel's "the Milky Way guard" at the same time, the game also released a short pilot trailer.

Trailer announced the creation of the Telltale Galaxy escort game will be very soon (soon) for sale, and will be landing host, PC and mobile platforms, the game contains a total of five chapters.

Telltale, with its unique series of game design and style is famous, they had based on the famous IP adaptation of making the game "a dead-alive person", "a song of ice and fire" and "borderlands" legend has obtained very good evaluation. There are rumors that Telltale will be adapted by Peter Quill ("the Milky Way guard" the protagonist "xingjue") the story of the game is now officially announced. The diffuse change movie

"Galaxy guard 2" is scheduled to be released in North America in May 5, 2017. Telltale's release of the galaxy guard game may be on sale before and after the film, in order to cooperate with the film's publicity and promote sales of the game.

soon in the game you can see the lovely tree grote. Class= img_box "

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