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Meizu Li Nan feelings Samsung

shoujizhongguo· 2016-12-02 13:31:51

[mobile phone China News] Meizu PRO 6 Plus release so many Meizu fans excited, looking forward to a year and finally to the true flagship, equipped with Samsung's flagship chip Exynos 8890. However, as the slogan Meizu PRO 5 period, like Meizu PRO 6 Plus is not perfect - the lack of support for Telecom 4G. In the know, Meizu technology Li Nan discuss this point. Class= img_box "

" content_img_p Li Nan said: "Meizu PRO 6 Plus sales expectations is not high, not even the charm blue X high. In fact, the data is also true, 430 thousand of the Meizu hundred refers to the fact that it is completely beyond the scale, and in which the charm blue X seven times higher than 6 Plus. This is consistent with the Meizu this year's business judgment: non full network of more than three thousand of the product, it will be difficult in the market. "

Meizu PRO 6 Plus

so, though, Meizu also still willing to take? Li Nan said: Meizu PRO 6 Plus is really not for business. Or want to charm friends, or more honest to say, give yourself an account. 12/06 Charm Blue Note new series is the focus of the business. Is a real service to the public. "

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