The northern industrial Canada sold 97 two generation rifle

Canada the two generation rifle industry

hawk26jiangwutang· 2016-12-02 15:18:38

China North Industries Group Corporation announced that it will launch the second generation of automatic rifles (Type 97 Gen 2) in the Canadian civil market. The gun has improved ergonomics Tucao problem is the removal of the handle, the roof structure, the top is full length Picatinny rails, pull handle is not bolt with mobile style, and can be interchanged. Fender and keymod interface

above the barrel, you can install some accessories. The most interesting is that a magazine by Ambidextively company on both sides of general magazine buckle, more convenient for the left hand operation. Unfortunately, not all insurance and improve the ejection port. Class= img_box "

97 kinds of three Rifles (from top to bottom): second type 97 generation, 97 type FTU, 97 type. Type 97 FTU is a Canadian dealer modification model, also uses a flat roof structure, in addition to the same as the 97 type. Class= img_box "

97 automatic rifle into the Canadian market for many years, its "bad" operating performance was Tucao most. As the world's largest number of equipment bullpup rifle - 95 automatic rifle - 5.56mm version 97, or a market potential. But a lot of Canadian gun fans prefer the northern industry to launch a 7.62× 39 edition of the no support rifles, because the caliber of the rifle is very rare in the market. Class= img_box "

97 (Top Upper Flat) is the product of private enterprises in Canada for the 97 type of rifles to modify the product. The receiver

" using a Aluminum Alloy processing to replace the existing gun. Class= img_box "

after such an improved 97 FTU in Canada to get better results. The launch of the 97 northern industrial type second rifle, from the factory to improve more thoroughly, and the magazine buckle, pull handle can be improved. The price of less than 1000 Canadian dollars (about 5180 yuan), very competitive.

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