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Sister union lol furnace stone

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do you feel bored every day? Does not feel that there is always someone pit father bad mood? Is there no thing to do feel very upset? Come and take a look at the game Octopus Xiaobian bring you what fun it God replies! Players

request cancel EDG champion honors fist reply

Octopus Xiaobian: originally is lives with the root, fratricidal ah! ">

img" "" "" "" "" "" ah management "" "" "" ">

img" "" ""

originally because of QG, nor should let EDG pot back

A: not DGE?

passers-by B: not GED?

passers-by C: not EGD?

passers-by D: not GDE?

game Octopus Tracy: you this B. I applaud

" but I still admire you and friends of the water, because the

, but then again, in fact, it is also very common, such as "

so you endless" big brother or the first to lay down their hands, or so

[i Mg10]

---------- is actually EDG----------

Korean fans even package under subway billboards for faker birthday

Octopus Xiaobian: dark volute, volute birthday is happy! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" is the time to release the scroll of the iconic action to celebrate it, but next to the people what is the ghost! Looks like the spiral case of the action is a bit of a response to it...

such news, comments area certainly true love powder!

MSI" are mentioned, certainly less immediately to start the MSI2016

heart pain I can not go to the small EDG, MSI will be class= black

----------Faker! ----------

LOL 55 anchor be caught off guard dog food to his girlfriend

game Octopus Tracy: aerobic ah, eat a food T.T

Xiaobian take you safely in the dog abuse scene first "img_box"

< /p> ugly open only female fans are also not "I class= gas

but we still will still support you

really very like you, from the royal family began to pay attention to you till now, you are my favorite in a single player, refueling, stateless.

---------- hi ah, aerobic, claims ----------

300 million: Tencent sued the godlike team plagiarism LOL

Octopus Xiaobian: is I am not wrong, is Tencent advertising copy other people!!

you're not wrong, this is to u Tao Tao throwing card... Just endorsement is the defendant, the couple Tao Tao just want to cry!

see plagiarism, the masses have been tempted in the field force

this wave crazy virtual region explosion

have been the horse doing any harm to children

did not say, Xiao Bian still quietly opened a heroes union

--------- from 45 Ma Ying Jeou's gaze ---------

pre order incentive officially released Diablo 3 gorgeous watch angel wings

< game /p>

octopus, Xiaobian: actually have the wings are generally divided into two kinds of people, a kind of is to special wings pre watch pioneer Diablo 3 players, another is to take advantage of pioneer watch out, purchased the tickets again after playing Diablo 3 to pass the time. (I of a play in less than ten minutes is going to make me fall asleep game is uninterested) as said bought the Diablo III collection bag didn't buy Watch pioneer collection bag of Diablo 3 players is the mood like the weather in April......

it? Spend 328 yuan to buy a wings of course to look good! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" this wings I do not wear a! Once you have no wings, you are completely different from others!

you felt quit the player may also fat? Too naive to the young, young people always look forward to some strange things......

bone wings is not, there is no wings...... Chicken boxes or

--------- send people chicken wings, hand there are lingering fragrance ---------

(exciting content flip to! )

Sika crying emotional experience daughters fans send photos comfort

Octopus Xiaobian: fat don't cry was not to hurt the heart ah. I live alone? What! You are a bachelor? That is really sorry, just live a lot of people in the middle of the way......

then is a wave of remittance? Of course not possible! Well, still dead line card......

experience hardships eventually became (variable) fetal (state), because before and after style turn too fast, the fundamental people caught off guard......

single is not terrible, terrible is fans already know you off the group la!

--------- smiled not Jessica's boyfriend? ---------

furnace slag "sorry" expression is delete internationally humor response to

Octopus Xiaobian: do you think I deleted I cannot hit sorry?

sorry, poor across the eldest brother of paste face, after the flag stand yiyanbuge almost into the material......

look I the hair: played well!

(next to a card never sorry, but the face is owed) < p > however when sorry seems to occur when the plot are so development. Small game ">

img" content "70" Id "id =" handsome but then the hair transplant ">

--------- img" "69" Id "id =" img "img" content "68" Id "id =" img "img" content "67" Id "id ="

rejection pot bald middle-aged kanghan warrior Sun Yeyou... Class= img_box "='>


"content_img_p" is said to be handsome, baby refuses to accept! Obviously is sprouting! Not handsome at all!

--------- years is the razor, than Zhangguang 101---------

live hundreds of people try to set? Durex this "" way too deep

octopus, Xiaobian: actually, this is a trap, first broadcast made them not, they are condoms. So the theme is safe...... Class= img_box "

" a look is not a serious look at the people, those girls are not a three-dimensional projection! Broadcast gymnastics is not standard, the difference is supposed to be - BY sports teacher.

(fans of the towers gas...) < p > simply do not too cruel, right in case of future accidentally bought Durex, to broadcast the chop remember notice about you. Must be a big news. After all, the next Okamoto employees agree that......

--------- are routine and manual funny ---------

around the world of Warcraft movie release date table published in Chinese undetermined

"content_img_p" this mouth say not, but the body is still very honest...... This textbook, on film and to the four kings of the alliance and Horde all science......

you speak what don't know besides general four XX does not have five people to well? You look at how many people have the blood and youth of the world of warcraft......

, a veteran of frowning) < supporting account, and that way, estimate after the movie people to block the door!

(scared was I are equipped on the blood) < because after the founding of the people's Republic of China animals will not allow a fine... Well, bones don't count...... So what the skeleton is still acceptable!

I to a second and then union comrades back you a kidney shot, reciprocity! In fact, don't be afraid, good melee, certainly in the nurse, will give milk. It is big in the game player pressure......

before this century group war broke out, there is a traitor...... Class= img_box "

this simple, who do not have to help. As long as you are in charge of a situation, to hear the words of the following four words immediately started......

only together kill shout dema West, alliance with the tribe to live in peace!!...

tips however the official said this is a parallel world, and Dumou and Olympic friendship was done not have, Stormwind falling down, distance Arthas into sewage meow... How long is the Witch King? What? Spoilers? I'm not spoilers!) The Horde is ready to meet the tribal alliance and then the VS tribe. Friendship stressed that this is not a trap, it is not really a trap! Parallel world! Why Blizzard Baba heart don't you understand?

well, actually, I know what you're waiting for! However, there is no benefit at all in this period. Yes, there's no benefit at all!...... Well, look at the copy you insist on reading, then put on a witch demon king when the end of it. Octopus gods game comments, next to see the welfare of ~

(which is quite a what kind of ah!

[look at the gossip, read the news; the heart has a god trough, might as well a spit. Maybe next your comment is hung up yo] < [edit: sister] < [look at the game, looking for gossip, as in 17173 games Octopus! Http://]

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