Do not cover up, generous recognition of their own plastic surgery of the 6 stars

Actress cosmetic surgery Zhang Han Ni Ping

beiqingwangyule· 2016-12-03 13:45:22

Elva Hsiao from small single lidded eyes turned eyes, which she recognized the knife "because the dead mother's hope, daughter has a pair of shiny electric eye".

2013, Zheng Shuang in the plastic storm she admits that she does not want to avoid, and said their plastic and not for Zhang Han, just want to change.

Coco Lee is a former hundred-percent single eyelids, but later, she has the charm of "magic eye". COCO said: "the most gas people say my ass, chin is false, I only cut a double fold eyelid. "

the Internet has exposed a group of Ni Ping cosmetic photos, in this regard, Ni Ping generous recognition of the beauty of the needle hit things, and said" should be hit 3 times, I just hit 1 times, too painful, suffer not effective".

" shot "Yangtze River 7" during the break, Zhang Yuqi has returned to Shanghai secretly hide Yeh double eyelid. So Yeh is very angry, this event has become the two part company each going his own way.

Liu Xiaoqing was asked whether to keep young by South Korea, Liu Xiaoqing: "to be honest there is a small adjustment. But I said, "all the 'that's too grandiose".

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