Uncle street dog meat dog lovers cry

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" a dog lovers can not control their emotions in tears.

" will carry out selling dog uncle golden cage and dog lovers site bargain.

12 1, Hefei City fifty, a man killed in the street dog meat, attracted a lot of public concern, a member of the public to raise public rescue has not been killed 4 dogs. Into the winter, the dog will be the end of the table, but no animal quarantine of the dog, you dare to eat it? Morning and morning, the reporter learned that the Yangtze River, Hefei, there is no dog designated point of slaughter, there is no quarantine procedures, there are many regulatory problems. Watch the scene in

street dog meat uncle

12 1 in the morning, the weather was fine, in the town of Hefei city Beijiao fifty head on the bus with a wave of the wind, blinding wind. A tricycle parked on the roadside, the car is equipped with a number of iron cages, which closed 4 dogs, roadside trees, still left just peeling blood.

tricycle master is a gray haired old man. When the morning news reporters rushed to the scene, he was working with the surrounding people to bargain, the latter want to buy these dogs are closed. Reporters learned that the old man claiming to be surnamed Zhao, two hands are black and brown, covered in blood. An interview with reporters, the old man who does not feel the street dog "interfere".

"did you kill the dog that hung in the morning? "" no, it was sold here. "

" is not what you sell? How do you have so much blood on your hands? The amount is my … … I killed, that is, I killed the … … "

" how much money to sell? "" "an old man said, I sold her, not much money. "Zhao uncle said, he lives in fifty. If completed, he went to a roadside canteen ten meters, sitting and talking inside, look already well. Then, the crowd of people up, Zhao uncle said, he is the first time selling dogs here.

scene Zhao uncle has always said that the dog is he bought from a park in Hefei, but specific where, he refused to say. "Do you have quarantine reports for these dogs? "No". "

enthusiastic people to save the dog

intercept local villagers said, uncle Zhao is in the morning early in the morning he came here, with a tricycle transported to the dogs, selling street.

his car is on the morning of 9 would be enthusiastic sister Liu public stopped, then after another to a lot of people together, the tricycle stopped, stop him before slaughter. "I go to work near the morning, do it back on the road found the tricycle. "Sister Liu is a dog person, she will take pictures in a circle of friends, it attracted everyone together to save the dog. "

is a white dog skinned hung in there, the bloody, looking uncomfortable, was an old lady bought. Liu elder sister said.

reflect the local public security and urban management received enthusiastic public, rushed to the scene, but due to the law enforcement authority, they give uncle Zhao do the registration, the "get away", "don't continue to do so".

but enthusiastic people did not give up, the dogs they stop uncle Zhao with the rest of the walk, after more than 1 hours of bargaining, they bought the chip in some dogs. And Zhao uncle got the money, riding a tricycle to leave the scene.

" golden retriever dog lovers feed water.

" selling dog uncle skillfully clip out a small sized dog with pincers. Class= img_box "

locked in the iron cage of the dog some panic.

4 dog in two pet dog

reporter saw 4 dogs by public to raise the public to buy to save in two golden pet dogs, the other two are hybrid dogs, which is also a dog's neck with the bell collar.

in many people's comfort, but also two golden more docile, a yellow dog is panic. A man in love with a yellow dog on the bus to

, but it was the "resistance", whether it is the temptation of sausage or milk, fragrance, and ignore it, has been behind the crowd, even if the traction rope of the neck hair cut off together, it still is not willing to listen to instructions. Accept help.

and the other two golden will take the initiative to climb, quietly sitting in the back seat. "You see this golden retriever will own the car, others may be used to be domesticated, then do not know is lost or stolen, it should be skinned slaughter, too cruel. "Dog people said. The

Department saying

dog source is difficult to monitor no quarantine rules

reporters from animal health authority to understand, there is no Hefei dog slaughtering, meat sources are difficult to monitor, supervision problem.

reporter learned from the Hefei municipal animal disease prevention and control center, the current market of pork, beef from the feeding, sales, slaughter and quarantine, there are more stringent regulatory procedures. "Quarantine on the dog, and now the lack of relevant norms, because the state did not develop the introduction of canine animal slaughter and quarantine procedures, can not be implemented on the slaughter and Quarantine of dogs. "The Department said that the market circulation of dog meat products because there is no food hygiene supervision departments, there is a certain security risk. In particular, dog dealers received after the slaughter and sale of dog meat, the pathogenic bacteria in the meat will harm the human body.

reporter learned from the business sector, the business sector is mainly responsible for the size of the scope of the restaurant is the size of the normal business license, while the quarantine of meat, or by the agricultural sector to be responsible. "The most important thing is the source of supervision, but the lack of corresponding quarantine rules and industry standards, make the meat market, shoddy dragons and fishes jumbled together when circumstances have occurred. "

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