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paopaowang· 2016-12-03 16:30:55

slightly familiar with PC history students should remember the Maxtor brand, it was the world's largest mechanical hard drive brand, founded in 1982, the beginning of the twenty-first Century that fame in recent years. But because all aspects of production, management and financial problems, Maxtor soon fall, was acquired by Seagate in 2006, then gradually disappeared. But now, Seagate began in a number of countries to name brand sales Maxtor external hard drives, mainly M3, D3 two products. Maxtor will come back!

", but the strange thing is, M3, D3 is currently the Samsung brand hard - Seagate's 2011 acquisition of Samsung, according to the agreed time period of one year Samsung still enjoys the right to use the brand, but it looks good cooperation, and continued until now. Next, a gradual transition to Maxtor brand to Maxtor external hard drives but very powerful.

M3 512GB 1TB, Maxtor hard disk, 2TB, 4TB, USB 3 interface, the most high-end models in Spinpoint M10P 2.5 inch models based on the thickness of 15 mm, five 800GB disc SMR, imbricate storage, speed 5400RPM, buffer 16MB, support AutoBackup, SafetyKey.

is the integration of the two Maxtor D3 2.5 inch disk capacity 2/3/4/5TB (Samsung D3 and 6TB), USB 3 interface.

Seagate external hard drive product line a lot, in addition to Seagate's own brand positioning outside the mainstream, there are high-end LaCie, low-end samsung.

Seagate said that the future will continue to adhere to the three line of the brand, and the use of alternative Maituo Samsung, the future will add more products.

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