2 Chinese want to bring a million euros to leave Europe was confiscated

Europe the euro the Chinese the sun

tengxun· 2016-12-03 16:32:50

, according to British newspaper the sun, two Chinese at Barcelona International Airport to millions of euros in cash was carried out, the Spanish police confiscated. Police said two passengers from Shanghai, China, with a black garbage bag of 25000 euro notes, the face value from 10 euros to 500 euros, the total amount of 1 million 88 thousand and 50 euros (about 7 million 990 thousand yuan).

" it is reported that this is the year to Spanish customs found to carry the maximum amount of cash exit at Barcelona Airport. Airport police spokesman said the customs staff at the time of the scan found a large amount of cash in the trunk, each of which is equipped with about 540 thousand euros. All the cash is hidden in the luggage and trash bags. Pictured is in the garbage bag of cash.

police said the two passengers China living in Barcelona, was 26 years old and 27 years old, they are going to fly to Shanghai from spain. Customs officials said two people were not clear about the sources of the cash, so they confiscated the money in accordance with local laws against money laundering and financial support for terrorism. Cash to be found.

" but according to the existing laws of Spain, customs officers to the two Chinese respectively return 1000 euros, as their return travel expenses. Reported that the Spanish customs will regularly play illegal smuggling cases of pictures and videos in the airport, in order to play a warning role. Figure for the staff is to mark the cash seized.

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