With 7 men and women were forced to run her husband ambiguous

Ambiguous husband woman man

cankaoxiaoxi· 2016-12-03 17:52:39

Taiwan media said that New York is a husband found his wife and others of the ambiguous message, angrily forced his wife in the street naked, with the film side edge using the Spanish called her "prostitute" is even more exaggerated but also put the photos on the internet.

film caused many users probably is called "exaggerated", while others think she deserved, authenticity also have a lot of friends suspected film.

from the screen visible, long haired woman in her bathrobe walking in the street, bursts of insults sound behind, and go a long way after a hand sticking out of the bath towel, abruptly ripped off and her naked. She could only use her hands to protect her important parts. It is understood that because of her husband to see his wife and 7 men of the ambiguous message, and each other nude, suppressed anger in this way to repair her so.

but the wife also inside the explanation, although there are 7 men pass ambiguous message, but not any people have sex. Watching friends have said, "this is she deserved", "even if really wrong can not do this to her." "this is domestic violence! This man should be in jail", "two people are wrong". Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_3" class= =''>


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