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Cosmetic surgery one person China acting

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a few days ago to write a movie, the ten point Jun wrote a movie "Ge grandpa".

oh no, should be the "romantic" die.

this suddenly reminded me, Ge uncle is also a story of the people ah. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_0" class= =''>


from the first movie to date, are not "handsome" cross into the ranks of what natural hot search will not favor him, this value is not high Yan old bacon. But

never thought that some time ago he had a N years ago because the stills of a fire.

" this image from the TV drama "I love my family" stills, was friends known as the "lying most".

Ge You "paralysis", popular night on both sides of the Changjiang River.

cosplay is also quite exciting. Class= img_box "

so cool state, must be at home, the norm ah, who lie who know! But

said, Ge uncle, is China on the first person, acting cosmetic is Huang Bo, Zhang Yi is not the originator of circles by face to eat.

mentioned him, we first thought is the 80% of two words:

Feng's comedy, little man.

said first Feng comedy.

from the beginning of "Party B", Ge You became Feng Xiaogang's actor, there is a saying: iron Ge You, water Feng girl.

Xu Fan, Jacklyn Wu, Fan Bingbing, Hsu Chi, Li Xiaolu … … a popular star in the cannon movie back and forth.

" but only Ge You and Feng Xiaogang on this CP is still unabated.

this is not true love is what?

" but Feng Xiaogang's comedy, really only Ge You to play enough.

looks ordinary, speak a beijingstyle, thin body, also usually keep a sea in recent years simply shaved head.

to tell you the truth, Ge You's image is not like the audience like the.

had this picture for several movies, not surprisingly, was brushed off, and he almost gave up.

even his father said he, with a face when the star can not be.

but he is most like ordinary people, the most down to earth. Class= img_box "

and Feng Xiaogang's early comedy, just tell the story of the general public.

"Party B", a group of young people suddenly got a "good day", specifically to help people achieve a variety of desire.

whether you want to be a general, or want to find love, they can help you come true one day. Class= img_box "

2014 years of the "private ordering" is Feng Xiaogang on his own this old piece of tribute. Class= img_box "

in this film, Ge You as an ordinary young Yao Yuan.

zuipin, Sally poker-faced constantly, said let you laugh a stomach ache piece. Class= img_box "

, for example, in the bus, he and his fiancee a dialogue.

fiancee: this car is really stable, with a Mercedes benz.

Yao Yuan: Mercedes Benz can than comfortable, straight waist stand together? At

people, for ordinary life gives small comfort, with your love that piece of the almost two uncle.

"I can not say"

Ge You in this movie is when your pet phrase, usually the most often take the name of God in vain words?

with his poker-faced expression, who don't play all out of the ordinary citizens of taste, you can read the true flavor of life.

" Be There Or Be Square, Ge You acted as a underachievement of unemployed youth.

emigrated to the United States for many years, no big ambition, as long as the present life of ease, but also everything to meet the.

and "Party B", the character is still love shuapinzui, but also a lot of little smart.

has a very famous segment of this film, Ge You Xu Fan himself cheated a blind accident for the compound, make a sincere confession, touched a lot of people.

"my eyes are dark, only in my dream, I can see the light, back to the sun in the bright memories. A few times I dreamed of you, you so clearly standing in front of me, so I am excited, once awakened, torn with grief, I desperately want to see even a glimmer of light, I can only listen to the hearing, to imagine … &hellip

; "but this book just white, but handsome 3, a 36D beauty through Ge You's eyes, immediately floated past.

Xu Fan deliberately dislike him: "Oh, who is this wallet? "

people the money kept up immediately, Ge You stared at the start looking for:" where, where, where … … after

realized he betrayed, and anxious in life and wisdom to the sentence: "I can see again, this is the power of love! "

smart, garrulous, even live performance, even that also make people laugh. Dove

no egg, no 999 roses, dress is also not what dress suit, but small couples bicker, but your mutual love everyday, just like ordinary people love. Class=

this kind of a little clever but no big ambition of the people, Leng is to let Ge You play live.

if not him, for a long handsome actor to play, don't play the 80% ordinary feelings of love.

"editorial story", "Star", "mobile phone", "endless" and so on a series of Feng's comedy let us see, Feng Xiaogang is really the most "with" Ge You people.

"a little bad" to "understand the mind, especially excellent," belated response "Korean winter, every character is like the people around us, but each one has its own independent character.

Ge You, Feng's comedy may not be so quickly occupied the heart.

" but whether ordinary people in Feng's comedy, or Ge You's other characters, we know that most of his play is a small figure.

let Feng Xiaogang notice Ge You, is the director of the film "Wanzhu" mijiashan.

play the leading role of the 3 men, Guoli Zhang, Liang Tian, Ge You.

Guoli Zhang's face, to see a special justice, if you let him play a role buckle cable, estimated there always seems to be not enough flavor.

so he played the love and responsibility of the sun youth. Class= img_box "

Liang Tianne, to tell the truth is also suitable for small figures, but not enough to tease. Class= img_box "

only Ge You, the character is shy, but also has a very strong personality.

and Yang ("Wanzhu heavy Ge You in the role name) that is timid, slow, always recoiled as almost as like as two peas.

mijiashan director interview also said that he finalized set Ge You, is also the first to see the photo of Ge You, think it should be funny, with Yang heavy feeling in his heart. Class= img_box "

so, you can say so, Ge You is born with a suitable for a small figure of the face.

he is too like ordinary people, not now that alienation little meat otherworldly feeling.

is so little of his most let you into a sense, is also the most touching.

"alive", Ge You plays the male fukki.

your life has two stages obviously, as rich, rich men's sons, filling uncle, gambling, money like water rushing into the casino.

at this time, he is proud of.

as the village top rich rich, well dressed, well, eyes with pride, to speak and act with a parvenu temperament.

" but lost property, and has experienced some changes after the fukki, changed.

from the winner into the loser.

to see how Ge You's performance, his eyes are no longer satisfied with but a little confused, a little timid.

sunken cheeks skin badly, but also because of the long-term outdoor labor darkening.

" the whole people are almost always short, not through the hand is hunched.

this extremely introverted performance, let his entire people show a very cautious state.

you can fully understand, in the times, as the general public, he is what kind of "small" and "weak"".

" is not only a tragedy, comedy is Ge You's masterpiece.

"let the bullets fly", played by Ge You to donate money to buy officer Ma bond.

Yu Fugui Han, the horse is as smooth as the bond of loach old fox, in order to protect life, hide their magistrate identity, that he just touts.

" with the robber a Muzhi (played by Jiang Wen) after he took office, the bully Huang Silang (played by Zhou Runfa) and Zhang Muzhi when the fence between.

to his standard is only one who can rise, where he stood. Class= img_box "

you see Ge You is how to show the figure of the slide.

he and Jiang Wen, Zhou Runfa eat at the same table, Zhou Runfa to the two of them toast, Jiang Wenzuo on the chair, only lifts a hand, meaning a bit.

but Ge You stood up, slightly bent, a look overwhelmed by an unexpected favour in a rather, dogleg posture in response to Zhou Runfa.

a dog image immediately with. Class= img_box "

but when he is a person, some small rights in the hands of time, is another kind of act.

open manner, fully stretched body language.

is a a small man intoxicated by success.

"content_img_p" before a man, after a face, this is precisely the role of Kung Fu performance bond a horse. The little man,

Ge You played some crafty, some silly, some counseling, some poor, but each is true to life. Class= img_box "

this with Ge You love pondering the temperament is not open.

a word of the lines, he can figure out a few different tone, the first half of the sentence how to say, what is the expression of emotion.

after the second half of what to say, the character is not a mood of what changes.

" show before he often asked the director, this person is not as we know people, who like that. We always think he played the character of

is down to earth, because he made reference to reality, to act as a live.

" in addition to Feng's comedy and the little guy, Ge You's label is also a lot of.

for example, the two generation of stars.

Ge You's father Ge Cunzhuang's son, is a famous performing artist of our country, from the age of 20 has been played at the age of 80, the national film actor.

"little soldier" in the famous villain's father played Ge kameda.

" before Ge You, are known as the son of Ge Cunzhuang, and now Ge You has been out of his father's influence, to become a truly independent outstanding actor.

in addition to Ge You, we should have a label: winner.

1994, Ge You with "alive" in your corner to get Cannes to receive the award winner, becoming the first Chinese actor.

" with "let the bullets fly", also won the Golden Horse Awards and best actor nomination.

" as early as in 1993, he has won the Golden Rooster Award winner.

" to tell the truth, took so many honors, for 30 years he was one of the best aspect of the film, the predecessors.

but Ge You this person, but not a bit of the older generation of the shelf, and even a bit of the predecessors did not.

search Ge You interview data, found that he accepted the interview is very few.

reward is very high, but also not how to charge a variety show, he never on.

" he is too high, too hard to get along with?

not, but he's always low-key, gentle.

his friend Feng Xiaogang, yiyanbuge on fire, even the name "cannon".

but Ge You is just the opposite of him. His philosophy is: the doctrine of the mean. Class= img_box "

he never evaluation of other directors or works in public places.

2010 year lunar new year stalls, Ge You also on the three film, "orphan" and "let the bullets fly" and "2" If You Are The One.

has a reporter asked him to say 3 pieces which he most optimistic about what.

Ge You played Tai Chi, or else all praise, or directly to say, or not to answer it? "

in the play, he is not what drama, not greedy, do everything."".

script to get the hand, feel that they can play, have a grasp, on the ground, then it will be a good play.

he has always felt that there is a role to play, and some of the roles he does not fit, it will not be easy to touch. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_43" class= =''>


is a chance just happened to your efforts, but not you a cut above others.

he has always stressed that the acting people remember their own duty, and always put his father sent Ge: "eight words from the modest and prudent," in my heart.

" speech drama, became a name, when Ge You came home, he also often constantly give personal advice.

Award "whenever I returned home, father certainly told me" don't be so arrogant, don't ignore people "," see neighbors greet "."".

he also said: "the actor, in the screen play is a person, in life there is no reason not like people. All day, with no need to keep up appearances than the width. "

" humility "two words were engraved on the bones of the GE family.

" he has modest artists of the older generation mannered refined gas body, a conscientious diligent wind.

in an interview with Ge You in an interview with, he said:

"actors to 'honest', you have to be on the audience. People like you, you have to look forward to, you can not put this kind of look forward to. There is no actor, can play any role. This business actors, at best, what is the performance artist, at worst, is the actor. You have to remember your duty. You are red, not red, but also to duty, duty to. As an actor, you have to play, play, good acting. "

" acting, play good acting. "

maybe this is the secret of Ge You's 30 year unbeaten run, even if there is no star.

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