High school student murder fugitive, 22 years later became a millionaire

Shanghai murder thousands of high school students

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Yueqing Zhang Longbin (a pseudonym) in the class= "img_box" id=

Yueqing Zhang Longbin (a pseudonym) was arrested on site

deaths caused by high rise after 20 years when it fled, the company CEOs, hit tens of millions of assets, a wife, eventually escape the law. December 1st afternoon, 41 year old Zhang Longbin (a pseudonym), (a pseudonym) face, "I made the mistake of regret for the year. "

because of a quarrel, his students will be stabbed to death

back in June 13, 1994, Zhang Longbin was in Yueqing for a three repeat classes to prepare for the college entrance examination. According to him, when the class was a Zhang university admission in advance, in the study period, chatting with a female classmate Zhang, Zhang Zhang Longbin from don't bother learning of others, the two quarrel, Zhang Longbin huff, be a cup of water to zhang.

a week later, Zhang called a few friends on the way home to intercept Zhang Longbin, Zhang Longbin see the situation is not good to escape. For fear of the re implementation of the revenge, Zhang Longbin decided to start with a strong, to Zhang, a little color to see". In the evening, Zhang Longbin, Zhang knife attack, Zhang was stabbed to death.

after the incident, the Yueqing police investigation visited, quickly locked the suspect Zhang Longbin will be wounded to death. When the police came to the Zhang Longbin residence, found that he had fled.

he washed identity, became the day thousands of Mister

from Zhang Longbin absconded, Yueqing police began an 22 year war pursuit relay. The territorial units of the leadership transfer several stubble, police also because of changes in the job had several call, fugitives clues interrupted several times, but the police has not given up the hunt for Zhang Longbin. Every year, the police have to go to the village they once lived in, visited the city to visit.

at the beginning of September this year, the case has finally made substantial progress, Yueqing police through the investigation analysis, found that Zhang Longbin had become "the other change names, a person living in Shanghai,". The pursuit group the police immediately rushed to Shanghai, contact the local public security organs, a woven 22 year old French finally spread to Zhang Longbin.

Zhang Longbin has long been washed white identity, has become an asset of millions of company executives. The morning of September 25th at 8:20 PM, police found a group of fugitives Long Bin is to send their children to school in Shanghai, Zhabei District Baode Road, then he will be caught.

escape learn a skill, the heart is never peaceful past

22 years, cannot bear to think of the past is visible before the eyes. Zhang Longbin said, when his good results, did not expect the impulse to kill someone, but also ruined his life. When I heard that Zhang died after the news, he rode a bike to escape from the town. "On both sides of the Changjiang River, in addition to Tibet, provinces and cities almost escaped over". In 2000, he also spent thousands of dollars to buy a fake ID card.

in exile days, Zhang Longbin did not give up on themselves, each to a place, are the side of life and work illicitly, seize the opportunity to learn. Over the years, Zhang Longbin had an apprentice in a factory, a peddler in the market, is a company in Beijing as director. After several twists and turns, he fled to Shanghai in 2005, founded the certification consulting company, the business grew, and married and have children in Shanghai.

accumulated over the years, he bought several sets of real estate in Shanghai City, driving a luxury car, in the eyes of outsiders, he is a successful person. He told his wife, he is an orphan, in the northeast of life experience so that he learned the north, he told others, he is the northeast. 22 years, he has never been online search about their content. Zhang said that he had seen a website in Yueqing, his most wanted, very afraid.

although the surface of the day had a comfortable and happy, Zhang Longbin heart has never really been a peace. After committing crimes, never went back to Yueqing, he had been living in the north, facing south, to kneel and bow down to the parents in Yueqing. The guilt always tormented him, every year the death, he will put his things, money worship.

knew this is the ending, I should go to surrender, I regret it now. My kids, my wife, my company! "Recalled more than 20 years escape eventually arrested, Zhang Longbin shed tears of remorse.

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