Watch map: Pioneer edition Shinkai flower village becomes more beautiful and romantic

Beautiful romantic Xinhai Pioneer

wangyiyouxi· 2016-12-04 03:43:51


watch station: if to "watch" pioneer "of the map, what would it look like? The recent release of the animated film "your name" is very nice, I also brought hot application of a filter, use it "can put the pictures into the animation style". Here, take a look at the game player by finishing "Meng Da small fan girl" beautiful picture!

" flower village was set in Japan, so the Japanese style is no sense of violation and it! We often see cherry blossoms in the animation, the world's pink petals do not feel bad. Think of the "second speed five cm" in the sentence lines: "if the cherry blossoms fall 5 centimeters per second, then, two hearts need how long to be close to? "

watch pioneer, we in the flower village story is as below: beyond count,

", I always meet "take you as a friend, you actually want to use mecha sat me to death? It seems to happen in the flower village beautiful love story is not possible to Highway 66, Highway 66, two ~

is diagonal, the way from Chicago across California to Santa Monica, where you can experience the game player in the western United States customs. "Under the pen of it has a warm feeling! There are many small map of the cave, for the players to provide a lot of excellent hiding places in ambush.

in the game, the wild mouse using the terrain, around the mountain road eighteen bends, only to use the tire to kill a chicken!

really want to say: "the numerous hills and streams always feeling, do not kill chicken! "But, maybe this is love to kill you, in love, the beginning might be mad rat and chicken CP method story ~ haha.

three, Ely Aus

" this is blue and white collocation architectural style is very similar to the style you feel with it, the original difference is not big, just some more bright colors. Class= img_box "

in fact, the original map of the original Blizzard style is very nice!

no matter in Ely Aus or in any terrain, are very popular. Because when we and the enemy to tear force in addition to ensure that the output will be fierce, but also to ensure a long life time.

this time you need to give us the nurse behind the infinite milk, we do strong backing. Once the team nurse changed a hero, you are a clown or a sledgehammer, is still small scissors, the teams are feeling to turn.


oasis is a new map, is expected to be at the beginning of 2017 will be out. In the sense of science and technology under the style of Makoto Shinkai is reduced, added a bit of mystery. And call it an oasis, might as well call it the autumn mountains, old driver racing Biao fly, DVA armor, shield and hammer seconds before it is broken. Blizzard is simply doing public service advertising: cherish life, to comply with the rules and regulations. Accidentally, it knocked. "In addition to" death ", but also added a similar Thor spring wells. Duang a bomb on the target point near the strategic location.

" usually teachers boast "I want God" is not a dream, to fly up the mountains overlooking the days of autumn, "everyone is chicken" point the day and await for it.

either Blizzard style or Makoto Shinkai style, belongs to personal preference, we all have love. But the only constant, is the favorite of the pioneers of the watch, to watch the background story of the pioneer, the expectations of the new map. Do not know after the watch pioneer CG animation, will be more than "your name" is more exciting?

(source: Author: Meng Meng Da game player sent many little sister)

Author: Meng Meng Da Fan little sister

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