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I start Tencent Inc registered in 1998, when parents have not thought of, they say: "you this nerd can also go to the company. "So they advised me to find a partner to do it, to make up for their own shortcomings.

I am good at the product line, then understand the computer people do not understand the communication, understand the communication people do not understand the computer, I just in the middle of this cross. Zhang Zhidong is definitely learning tyrants, practical ability, engineering ability is very strong. Chen Yidan is out of the government sector, the government reception, administration, law is very understanding. Lee had Qingchang like the boss, go out to shake someone first to shake his hand. My name card write only dare to write engineer, general manager, people feel afraid your company has.

at that time in Shenzhen, companies such as Tencent, there are hundreds of. Our main business is for the Shenzhen Telecom, Shenzhen Unicom and some of the paging station to do the project, the by-product is QQ. QQ first name is "the earliest network pager" icon is a "beeper". We developed this product is to sell to other operators, but the price has been talking about.

products in their own hands, the user operation skyrocketing, QQ needed to put more and more, no money to buy a server, which forced the ability we had to think how hematopoietic. We take some trivial work round the clock, to be able to earn a little money to feed the QQ, for example, we have to pay a fee to the server hosting the communications bureau etc..

addition, I was also around to raise money. Looking for a bank, the bank said it had not heard of the number of registered users can do mortgage loans; and domestic investment negotiations, the other side are mostly Tencent, how many computers and other fixed assets. The second half of 1999, I took the modified 6 version, the more than and 20 page business plan to start looking for foreign venture investment, finally met IDG and PCCW, they gave us $4 million. With this money, the company bought 200000 trillion of the IBM server, then put on the table, in the heart not to mention how the United states.

2001 years, the first few of the Internet Co are listed to make money, QQ registered users have reached 200 million, but the lack of ready money channels, we are also very worried. When China Mobile launched the "Monternet" changed our living condition. I expect to achieve business growth by the agreement with the operator to take 28 points (operator 20%, Tencent 80%), in 2002, mobile QQ accounted for 70% of the total business income of the Tencent Inc. After

, we continue to develop new business with low cost, and in the new business and function, increase customer stickiness through instant messaging, and not distracted, because this is our tools and other foreign competition.

at that time MSN is very strong, basically everyone thinks QQ is dead set, just when dead. But we do a lot of optimization for the domestic network structure. We pass files quickly, there are chat rooms, including our avatar is personalized, word of mouth is so built up.

say this history, is actually in order to say the first step is to start the first step is to survive, to survive, but it is also the most difficult . You want to start, the first idea is to do the first year of the first year of wages, you have to pay the rent income at least what? You can't earn rent back, this is a very basic things, so did not think so much what leadership, because the company can't go it is hard to say, is a very low probability of success of small businesses is down. Now this condition is better than that of the year too much too much, but because the threshold is low, the competition is more intense.

here I also have two suggestions for your reference: ),

1 must be focused on the early start of a resource to solve a user pain points .

I get some mail almost every week, "Ma always, I have a good idea that can help you create 10 billion of the profits, but I want to talk to you. "The general idea of these people are too large, in fact, the entrepreneur will focus on their own ideas some.

2), pay attention to the opportunities arising from the cross-border .

now we Internet plus, talk more about whether there are opportunities between the two areas, that is part of the cross ocean, if you both know, there is a great opportunity.


self subversion

a lot of people say that the Tencent is the first to get the mobile Internet tickets, the company refers to WeChat. WeChat is indeed the only one on the phone started to do, and is based on the phone, which in the past is rare.

used to do a good job in the traditional Internet, changing the screen, go to the phone. But WeChat anti its way, why it is particularly attractive? Because this product allows us to see a lot of unique experience. It makes full use of the difference between mobile phones and PC, the mobile terminal becomes an adult portable organ.

WeChat's birth comes from the Tencent's sense of crisis, because of the emergence of micro-blog, or from a social perspective, the Tencent is a strong competitor. At that time there are 3 Tencent within the team to do a fight against micro-blog, can solve the PC to the mobile terminal products, the last team to do out of WeChat.

frankly speaking, WeChat this product comes out, if not in the Tencent, not his own words, is in another company, that we may not be blocked . Looking back, in fact An important juncture of life and death is one or two months, several of our core executives every day at the time of products.

WeChat's first version did not do the correspondence match, then China Unicom said you did, you touch the red line. That well, do not match, and then out of the thing is like a castration version of the QQ, no meaning. Even so, is in Guangxi, Yunnan meeting of China Mobile know also immediately called QQ wireless said, this thing who do all can, Tencent do not, we have to punish you in other places.

later on the market competition, the domestic emergence of several similar products, I said no, no matter the punishment should be done, so the address book will be added to the. So users to join WeChat, see a good friend came out, the interaction is high.

because of these reasons, the Ministry of the pressure is very great. I asked the Ministry, I said that if you can give an order to prohibit the WeChat can also, I have a mobile phone QQ, I am not afraid. But seal off WeChat, the foreign software on the come to do. WeChat

do it, there are things I feel great, we have an old game, is a stand-alone mobile phone game, called the rhythm masters, is a music class, has been on the line for more than a year, 700 thousand daily active, one on WeChat immediately into 17 million, this is the power of social media. After

experienced the crisis and transformation, I have a great feeling, is the mobile Internet era, an enterprise seemingly seems too strong to break actually have a big crisis, and slightly grasp the social trend, it is very dangerous, before the accumulation of things is likely to ashes to ashes .

a lot of people ask me how to do? We all know to change, but do not seem to, because sometimes with their own vested interests, or that the gene DNA does not adapt. my approach is to give yourself one more prepared, such as opening another department, another branch, some adjustment team, there is a contradiction that may have to do some business, may wish to try, because you do not take the initiative to give up on the market, competitors will do this. Not as good as they try.


is the product of thinking to seize the opportunity is just a beginning, for Internet companies, the product is king. but this is a lonely road, you often need to use the most stupid way to run the most quickly. To think like a small white users, and the high frequency of daily use of products, continue to find deficiencies, one day to find a solution to one, it will lead to word of mouth effect .

in addition, the founder to erase the identity to the user "diving", listen to different voices and feedback. Every day I will experience the company's products and services, but also love to division to find myself finally to see the finished product, you know there are no lazy people to write code.

in Tencent, there is a "10/100/1000 rule" - Product Manager must do 10 users per month survey, focus on 100 users blog, collect feedback 1000 user experience. They must every day to each product forum to "diving", not only that should go to the micro-blog search, blog, subscribe to RSS, because the high-end users disdain to raise questions to the forum, make products people will take the initiative to chase out, go to check, to search, and then take the initiative and contact the user and solve. In this way, three months later, the product will slowly approaching the point of the very word of mouth.

with these foundations, the do is to put the human nature of thinking, together with the product. In the product, there are a lot of things looking good, but it is not the right thing to do. For example, WeChat chose not to do the concept of "online" and "offline". First, because the mobile phone mobile terminal must be "online", a "off-line" superfluous.

but why didn't show "online"? There are a lot of subtle differences in this, after the news, you have received or read, this feature we can do it, but we hope that people in a convenient time, and maintain a privacy.

later we also received a lot of people's advice to do a "read", but such a person is cool, the receiver is not necessarily very cool. This is actually very complex, not just a technology or a level of software, a lot of it is to rely on the grasp of human nature. Another example is the

voice search, we have not done as a priority, this function looks easy, actually not, such as a person to the mobile phone that I wanted to go to why why, silly, I feel shy to say a person, but also not private, rather more than a few.

, of course, we also traveled a lot of detours, later we found that the path of copying others, and finally is often a failure of . Our team has been Baidu search, people have what we do, did not think of other paths, so did not do it. But the dog is very clever, he said that I fight the search spell but you, I will spell the browser, the browser to rely on what to bring? Typewriting。 Input method with the browser, the browser with search, open up another way, it is better than we do, and they spend the money is our 1/3.

like our e-commerce team is the original according to Taobao to do, the product is exactly the same thing, finally, the more do not want to do. We include micro-blog, although the amount of activity with sina micro-blog almost, but has no way to break through, the most troublesome is Sina micro-blog is not a breakthrough, to go along with others to go.


my biggest concern every one in the Internet industry will have a huge sense of crisis -- where the product and user needs change quickly, the research and development of the technical ability of the dependence of the deep, is the There was no parallel in history. There is no luck, there is no eternal first, there is no right or wrong, as long as the user is not interested, you will be eliminated, which is the Internet industry's brutal.

sometimes, all sectors are not sure exactly which one will emerge. more and more do not understand the preferences of young people, which is their biggest concern . Although we do this line, but do not understand the future of the Internet mainstream user habits.

and the user's needs and preferences change rapidly, after 95, 00 of the crowd needs? We are studying every day. Including WeChat, no one to ensure that a thing is permanent, because human nature is to constantly update, you may not have anything wrong, the last is wrong in their too old. How to conform to the trend is not all right to refresh their brand once? There are two

my view:

1 ), if you do not understand, then you should find these people can understand him to the front to go, let them contact with young users, understand the needs of . I sometimes go to ask the child, the test, this product you will like it? Asked his little partner like it? They are sometimes more accurate than we can see.

2), by investing in some of these companies and products . In these investments, do not understand and regret the experience of the most make me ponder. I remember when Facebook was first listed, take the number of shares by private banks, and finally to boil boil ah ah fall down, quickly fell below that price was holding up, finally after a little bear, 25 pieces of hand sold.

I think Facebook is hard to commercialization, but they finally got it, and financial advertising, advertising or global level of social class, of course, it also benefited from a variety of APP requires a lot of advertising. So this is very frustrating, even if I am in this industry, will make mistakes.

there is one case is Instagram, I put a little stock, now say it is very regret, then the company's stock is less than 1 dollars when did not vote. At that time they had only a few people, our vice president, said the company is not very reliable, in a glass house near the sea, the office, the outside can be seen, throw a brick can take the computer all. But then its data grew well, and we entered it at the time of its $800 million valuation.

I try to study it fire in what place? 12 years old to 18 years old female users love this product, it is similar to WeChat, but not a message, all is to take pictures, only according to look at, you will know you in the other screenshots, screenshots, screenshots of this software make sense selling point. We at that time a few people try to play a play, feel very bored. Later, the investment survey pointed out that users feel that this application is not pressure, that is, consumer photos, pictures of fun, with everyone say hello, that I have a sense of presence.

believe that many entrepreneurs will ask, why I do not talk about money, because the traditional industries will have the opportunity to reverse the capital intensive, but the basic mobile Internet is unlikely. this market is not to fight money, fight traffic, more is to fight the team, a sense of mission and a sense of mission to fight . It all depends on whether you can make a boutique, is not the best.

article source: investors said (touzirenshuo) source material: IT Time, tiger sniffing network, Chinese Entrepreneur Magazine

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