He is also the most old play bone, net red old driver

Driver article Tony Leung TV play

diyiyulequan· 2016-12-04 06:02:17

67, the popular imagination is what style?

square dance? Park to play Tai Chi? The retirement age? Class= img_box "

embarrassed, today introduced this man, take a completely different route.

how exactly is not the same? The following details.

first of all, to recognize your face

" well, teacher Wang Qingxiang.

"the great master" in the house of two fathers house haneda.

"Beijing has no war" in Aofang Meng Meng Wei's father Fang Buting.

"Tianxialiangcang" in the honest and upright Xingbu Shang Shuliu Tongxun.

" with a upright and outspoken face, and amazing acting.

"the great master", he told Tony Leung to sit together, do not lose aura.

only can see the master bearing. An old artist like

", in micro-blog, is this style -

play league. Class= "img_box" id= "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" will brush expression package.

know "style is elegant".

" this... This... Is like a old addiction ah.

said the baby, also children's day old play bone adorable seen? Class= img_box "

is questioned not my hair micro-blog, baby really good angry!

hum! Who can not install a tender? Class= img_box "

do not blame people questioned ah wang.

after all, you have become a "drop, the old card" such a network of terms are known to the old driver.

old driver teacher Wang Qingxiang in the play is also more than

"I Tucao himself from a normal elderly people more and more far. "Class= img_box" id= "id_imagebox_14"

" then, Wang Lao driver usually look at what is the article?

Oh, I am a little embarrassed, on the interception of a section to give you a look at it.

" in the face of this old driver, I can only put on a face pack.

" if young actors such as micro-blog, users will think it is to follow the trend of speculation and cater to the masses.

but Wang Qingxiang teacher such performing artists go this way, actually make people feel strange. Class= img_box "

, however, such as Wang Qingxiang teacher, really with the usual impression of the old artist on the number ah!

so, Sina entertainment micro-blog reported, also AIT teacher Wang Qingxiang.

nitrogen... Their small make up the teacher of the king of the micro-blog ID.

and Wang forwarded to micro-blog, also playfully said:

eldest brother, you AIT wrong! This is me, I am I am I, is the baby! Class= img_box "

old drivers see more, but this is still the first time to see.

in addition to skillfully use the network language, Wang Qingxiang teacher will visit the B station!

went to the B station to come back, immediately sent a micro-blog said, "the ghost know all happened in the forest. "


... In fact, Mr. Wang Qingxiang just micro-blog, style or normal. Class= img_box "

but slowly, it was a group of young people with "bad".

Teacher Wang's mind is really not a good general.

he actively learn the language of young people, and flexible use of.

a few days ago, I saw Wang Qingxiang the teacher asked friends in the comments: "brother, what is the meaning of stability".

explained to him, he immediately at micro-blog! Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_22" class= =''>


now, Wang Qingxiang teacher has become the hottest network in this period of time.

because in the drama played Wang Kai, Liu Ye, Wallace Huo, who's father, a lot of children have to go to his micro-blog under his father. Class= img_box "

everyone said that the king of the teacher into a fine.

read Wang Baidu encyclopedia, discovered that he was born in 1949.

no problem, can become fine.

looked at Wang teacher at the B station also followed the trend of performing artists, I couldn't help thinking of those years was a fear control bureau. Class= img_box "

Wang Qingxiang teacher in 1949, Zhang Zhaozhong,, born in 1952.

both of them in their own professional contributions to the field, the age can still maintain the freshness and curiosity of society.

two grandparents who are so young and lovely.

their charm, where is what little meat than big legs?

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