The night female anchor bare nakedness teaser for ritual can provide pornographic video

Anchor tease naked

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Miss App live in a scantily clad female anchor

[scantily clad female anchor who live in

App which is a kind of tacit understanding, whenever 10 midnight of these, spectators will appear in the broadcast platform, and they shouted "drive" and "old driver", "brush Ferrari sports car", like night under the agreed spell, provoke only with money awakened female anchor. This scene appears in the

cycle Miss broadcast platform, scantily clad, bare nakedness, giggle and flirt, "made man", a provocative sound to the audience for these gifts, is the usual means of female anchor.

station on air broadcast platform growth has been accompanied by violence, pornography, drug abuse and other words, before the anchor in the live broadcast platform suspected drug was blocked, after a "Sydney gun" pornography involving live was sentenced to four years. When live in chaos and unable to extricate themselves, the national network information office issued the "Internet broadcast service management regulations" in the implementation of yesterday. A

agent "inhibition" is closely tied to stand in front of the public broadcast platform, but the night "channel" the female anchor still repeat their selling desire".

: the phenomenon of "made man", exposed for a sports car

the day before 10 pm, Sina landing Miss broadcast platform, on the front page of the anchor table cover, a female live Teaser picture, Sina Technology of random point to open a studio, only see the female anchor wearing seductive clothing. A sensitive part of the camera, to chat with the audience interaction with friends for gifts etc..

another room female anchor body at the lens, with fingers to seduce users, and issued a provocative voice, and claimed that more than twenty thousand brush gift, will live "made man". Some netizens booing, pops up on the screen a "Ferrari sports car", female anchor actually called a man, with the surge in the number of gifts, two people began to live indecent behavior to show their gratitude.

found in Sina technology while browsing in the day before yesterday evening on the platform there are 4 live content involving pornography, the basic content is to ask for the gift of "body for" on the grounds. Viewers send 666M currency, equivalent to about 50 yuan of a sports car, you can add anchor WeChat.

Sina added a female anchor in WeChat, confirm each other is a female anchor, on a live service given each 50 yuan for half an hour, "she also said to provide 10 yuan 100 pornographic videos.

in sina science and technology to communicate with her, she revealed that many of their customers, most of the new customers, old customers.

it is worth noting that the first home focus map Miss broadcast platform, is broadcast live on Miss "Civilization Convention" article second, article third specific provisions expressly prohibited and vulgar, luring, provocative content, dress exposure, suggestive, lure users to pay.

Miss live platform Civilization Convention useless

in Miss official QQ group, group of netizens said, similar porn live content also appeared in the other were not seen by the small platform. Most of these platforms have been in the apple Store App shelves. Sina Technology along the clues have tried similar survey platform development, store operators, the page is not given a clear company or developer information.

: platform Zaishu predecessors of low cost and high return anchor limelight

facing a high risk cost, the broadcast platform still have to rush into danger "sale" in the sex trade, what is the reason behind? With low cost, high return seems to be easy to explain.

in thousands of war in the broadcast platform, the star anchor becomes a xiangbobo "hero alliance" famous strawberry retired to the annual salary of 5 million yuan signed banners TV; Huya live this year to 100 million yuan to sign the well-known game female anchor Wang Si Miss; Cong TV have signed T-ara, panda if the ash, wind and other gaming star, is spending billions of dollars. The hundreds of billions of dollars of "transfer fees" and tens of millions of annual salary has become the broadcast industry line anchor worth normal.

is one of the reasons for signing anchor broadcast platform "burning", but our broadcast platform does not exist to pay heavily to pull. According to Sina

technology survey found that, on the platform of female anchor mostly have engaged in the sex trade in women, opening a live account does not need to provide any female anchor costs, but in proportion into M form to anchor into drill. To platform users 100 yuan recharge M =1000 coins M =40 drill =4000 rules to calculate the anchor, the anchor can be received from the proceeds of 40%, 60% percentage of the platform to collect fees.

if users want to add anchor WeChat, must give anchor a Ferrari, not allowed to join the advertising, marketing and other content.

second, even after being seized, it can be a very low cost to re build the platform. A App architect told Sina Technology, live platform for the early construction costs are high, but now the whole industry is increasingly mature, outsourcing to build a minimum of ten thousand App, the maximum of fifty thousand can be completed.

and, with more than 10 million people online broadcast platform compared to this kind of pornography broadcast platform basic services to niche, hiding in the dark side, so users online at the same time, up to hundreds of people, the cost of bandwidth is 1/10000.

simple operation, low cost, so that there is a "breeding ground for pornography", but also to the anchor who gain a small income.

according to the previously mentioned proportion of the calculation, a harvest of 3 million M coins anchor in the platform's revenue, more than 120 thousand yuan.

regulation: real name registration, instant blocking, blacklist at broadcast industry chaos

on broadcast platform does not regulate the phenomenon is still repeated phenomenon, deputy director of the research center of China University of Political Science and Law Zhu Wei said in the propagation method of network of our country live in practice, exists widely in pursuit of commercial interests, ignoring the legal and moral bottom line network anchor, "that", "swearing" and "limelight", "fight speculation" and "novelty" as the representative of the vulgarization and no bottom line trend, the webcast has seen a significant tendency into illegal act.

Zhu Wei pointed out that the new regulations from the main responsibility for Internet broadcast to the true identity, and finally to establish a credit system, can be said to be a groundbreaking specification, especially for today's Internet broadcast some of the chaos of jurisprudence, gambling, the mafia has made specific provisions, including the real name registration, instant block, news first after the trial, blacklist and other measures were to prove safety broadcast industry chaos.

"on the Internet as a new form of communication is developing rapidly, but some broadcast platform pornography, violence, rumors, fraud and other information, as well as a platform for the lack of relevant qualifications, to carry out illegal news broadcast, disrupt the normal communication order, must be standardized. State Network letter to do the person in charge said.

in fact, after the Ministry of culture, the State Press and publication administration, the national network information office on November 4th officially released the "Internet broadcast service management regulations", called "the most stringent new regulations webcast". The provisions of the Internet news information service quality, live platform content management, network broadcast credit system and other specific requirements, has been implemented in December 1st.

webcast responds to the original human needs of information dissemination, is the inevitable requirement of the development of media, the state Internet Information Office Deputy Director of mobile Bureau Qu Changrong in the recently held seminar on legal regulation of network broadcast. He believes that the "Internet broadcast service management regulations" the introduction is based on the broadcast industry, fully cognitive, and strive to conform to the development trend of network direct seeding and propagation, and strive to build a system of basic norms for the healthy development of broadcast industry.

in answer to social attention in the "double quality" issue, Qu Changrong said: "the Internet broadcast service providers and Internet broadcast released the Internet news information services, shall obtain the qualification of Internet news information services in accordance with law, and carry out the Internet news information service in the permission range. In fact, for the qualification problem "

network broadcast service is put forward for the first time, after another has been the introduction of a number of relevant documents for the supervision and regulation of the network broadcast platform and supporting details.

2007 in December, SARFT announced the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service; in March 2010, SARFT issued by the same "directory business Internet audio-visual program service (Trial)"; June 2016, net letter office issued the "mobile Internet application information service management regulations"; September 2016, SARFT issued the "Circular on strengthening the network audiovisual programs broadcast issues related to service management". In April 13th

2016, Baidu, Sina, etc. more than 20 Sohu broadcast platform jointly issued the "Beijing Convention" webcast self-discipline, commitment to the webcast room must identify watermark; the content storage time not less than 15 days for reference; all the anchor must be real name authentication; for broadcast, involving government gun, drug-related, involving violence, jurisprudence content the anchor, in serious cases will be included in the blacklist; audit personnel 24 hours real-time monitoring of the broadcast content on the platform.

this year, the Ministry of culture has announced a number of illegal Internet cultural activities and a list of the number of online broadcast platform for allegedly containing obscene, violent, abetting crime, harm the social morality content of Internet cultural products were included in the list. The introduction of a new

, a live, reflecting the guest, pepper, and other mainstream platform support statement immediately Macropodus, but has not yet issued specific measures. The legal adviser

China Internet Association Credit Evaluation Center Zhao occupation view, provisions on how to live in the industry to implement the classification management, and how to establish the Internet broadcast publishing credit management system, the same vague. Zhao occupation worry, those vague provisions in the content, make some deliberately walking platform and anchor and drilling legal gap space.

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