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Twins strangers the world the hospital

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" according to the "Daily Mail" reported, from the center for the study of twins at St Thomas's Hospital in London of Britain's Tim - Spike (Tim Spector) professor spent twenty years studying the ten thousand twins in britain. Recently, he found seven pairs of twins like strangers, hope that through the latest technology to test how they look alike. (please indicate the source, for more details, please pay attention to the Tencent WeChat international news public, "sweet and sour".) (from: Tencent International News)

" first professor Spike to face recognition test on the seven of strangers, including twenty thousand different distribution of face detection. Second, he's going to test their DNA to see if they have a similar gene. Although the Internet offers a lot of help to find similar people, it's still a very small chance to find two of the twins. (from: Tencent International News)

John - Jackson (John Jemison) 74 year old Neal - Richardson (Neil Richardson) 70. Three years ago, Neal moved to the UK Ethiopia Klee County in Braintree, two people lived only 150 meters apart. "I was walking in the street, the stranger greeted me, and I thought it was a really friendly town. Once I went to the local coffee shop and someone said hello to me, "how are you, John." I said I'm not John. I'm Neal. Neal said, he even took the identity card to the person that can make him believe that he is not John. (from: Tencent International News)

Billy - White (Billy Wright) 24 year old, living in the UK, Dorset and Bournemouth; another Billy - White (Billy Wright) is 24 years old, living in Pennsylvania in the United states. Pennsylvania Billy met a friend in the bar, the friend to his Facebook friends, but wrong with Billy of Bournemouth. Two Billy, who met in London for the first time this year, because of the episode and the social network. Two people besides similar in appearance, even the character also have a lot in common, for example, are equally modest. (from: Tencent International News)

" left 21 year old Shan Nobel (Shannon, Lonergan) - Lonergan from Ireland; right is a 17 year old Sara - Destone (Sara Nordstrom), Nobel from sweden. Two people in Ireland, the "twin strangers" on the web site for the first time to know each other. "See each other as if to see yourself, feel very magical, like have known each other for a long time. "(from the Tencent International News)

25 year old Robert - Weston (Rob Winston) from Washington DC, has lived in Europe for 6 years; 27 year old Kobe Lulu (Kobi Balulu) - Pakistan is an amateur comedian the performer. Two people met in a comedy show in London this year, the reason is that an audience is wrong to Rob as Kobe, praised his performance is wonderful. (from: Tencent International News)

" (Faye Ollila Fiorella) is a 20 year old girl living in London; abou Sia (Ambrosia) and her age, living in Missouri in the United States, she has a 2-year-old daughter. Two people meet for the first time in abou Sia's house, the mother daughter should admit. (from: Tencent International News)

" (Parke Puck) is a 19 year old girl, living in Holland; Shirley (Cherry Riley) is 19 years old, living in Britain's AVON River bradford. Two people in the "twin strangers" on the site to get to know. When Shirley took Parke's picture to her mother, her mother thought it was her daughter. (from: Tencent International News)

Darren (Darren) and David (David) looks very like twins, but David grew up in Poland, David's friends in a social network found Darren photos, sent to him so, two people met. Two people do not have any similarity on genetic inheritance: David has seventy-five percent European ancestry, while Darren ninety-six percent of Irish descent. (from: Tencent International News)

12 7, a shot of this project and the seven strangers twins documentary will be broadcast on British television. (from: Tencent International News)

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