2 meters of the lightning rod is inserted in the Guangdong drop from the clouds.

Lightning rod Guangdong guy Meizhou

fenghuangxinwen· 2016-12-04 12:29:33

11" on Sept. 29, 27 year old A Feng (a pseudonym) in Guangzhou is a site of a gate 2 meters long pipe falling down through the body, from the right insert, stab from right back. Later, only to know that the lightning rod!

" is a maple in Meizhou, November 29th at noon, he and the workers wearing helmets at the outlet of a site, ready to take the construction elevator. Suddenly, a steel hit him, drop from the clouds, from the right to right back, he went through half body. Class=

was found to be a lightning rod, when he was unable to move, but people are still awake. A maple workers rushed immediately call 120, at first he was quickly sent to the nearest local hospital, the first people's hospital is a referral to Huizhou city.

of the hospital emergency department admissions, immediately invited expert consultation, quick start Easy Access, patients will soon be sent to the operation room.

"tube from the right through the chest, lungs, diaphragm, the right lobe of the liver, intestine, kidney and other organs of right, treatment should be extremely cautious. "Sun Chunhan, vice president of the hospital, the hospital quickly called the fire brigade, anesthesia, Department of hepatobiliary surgery, thoracic surgery, Department of Urology, blood transfusion and other relevant responsible person to discuss treatment program. N after 3 hours of surgery, and finally take out the steel tube! "Lightning rod length of about 2 meters, about 4~5 cm in diameter, because it does not hurt the heart and blood vessels, and the lightning rod appearance is smooth, so did not lead to bleeding. Plus surgery in a timely manner, the patient is very lucky. Sun Chunhan said. Class= img_box "

"" at that time. Began to feel numb, and later slowly feel very pain. "After surgery, a maple was sent into the ICU, has been transferred to the general ward for observation and treatment, the situation is stable.

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