Lost mobile phone in the store to adjust the monitoring was refused businesses: monitoring of the United States to the United States

Mobile phones the United States shops businesses

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transfer of control at first was refused businesses, after several negotiations, said the store's surveillance authority belongs to America Corporation, need to apply to the corporation control.

"one store recently users a micro-blog that they released triggered concern. "They" readme in micro-blog, the evening of 1, his wife shopping in a store in Sanlitun that the mobile phone is stolen. After the alarm, his wife with the territorial police station together to obtain the store surveillance video businesses to help solve the case. "They told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, this offer was refused businesses at first, after several negotiations, said the store's surveillance authority belongs to America Corporation, need to apply to the corporation control.

lost mobile phone monitoring requirements rejected

which they "surnamed Tan, with about 6000000 fans of the famous cartoonist. Mr. Qin told reporters BYD, in late December 1st 9, his wife went shopping in Sanlitun, which entered the company named "Amy President Pyle (AmericanApparel)" in the shop to buy goods, then, his wife found himself 7188 yuan worth of stolen mobile phone. Mr. Qin said, "found that the mobile phone is lost. She went to the Sanlitun police station, police said the perpetrators should be very responsible, there is activity to monitor the recidivist, if evidence, should be able to find the mobile phone back. "

Mr. Qin recalled that after the report, the police station accompanied his wife to go to the store, obtain the store surveillance video, but the person in charge of" at the store said they are American stores, owned by the United States monitoring tube, not allowed to see". Several rounds of negotiations, the clerk to Mr. qin line on the morning of 2 again consulting the shop owner.

2 on the morning of 8 pm, to someone's shop "for monitoring", Mr Tan will own encounter on micro-blog, immediately triggering hot, as of the evening of 3, the micro-blog has been forwarded more than ten thousand times, the number of nearly 8000 comments. Many netizens pointed out that since the opening of stores in the country, and the transfer of control is to cooperate with the police investigation, why businesses do not provide surveillance video?

said monitoring Authority headquarters in the United States

Mr. Qin said the wife's mobile phone to buy soon, not only the value of 7000 yuan, and the mobile phone stored in the family, especially children, photos and video data, so the "lost very uncomfortable". In order to monitor the matter, on the morning of 2, Mr. Qin with the Sanlitun police station went to someone's shop. This time, the business gives a more detailed explanation.

Mr. Qin told reporters BYD, merchants explained, because the shop is going to close stores in Asia, so now a lot of things nobody ", so" supervision authority was also Corporation of America withdrew". The merchant further explained to Mr. Qin said that at present they store the monitor screen is black, to monitor the transfer will be there for us to find. Mr. Qin said, although he felt that this phenomenon is not reasonable, but because someone's store employees can not handle, they can only agree with the "email company" approach.

2 at noon, the store clerk involved a request to obtain surveillance mail to its American company, and let Mr. Qin leave their e-mail, said the reply will be copied to him. As of 3 pm 3, Mr. Qin said he has not yet been business reply. In addition

, 2 pm, BYD call businesses involved about the matter, the clerk said, to see the store monitoring company always need to agree, even if it is to assist the police investigation to obtain surveillance, also need to send emails to apply to the corporation.

lawyer said businesses have the duty to cooperate with the police in

, Beijing Yue Cheng law firm senior partner Yue Shen Shan lawyer said, from the concept of real right, the clothing store installed monitoring products belong to store property, but the clerk mentioned "American company to monitor all" itwrong. Because this store in Beijing should belong to the company registered in China, according to China's "company law" the relevant provisions, the store should belong to the Beijing store all".

at the same time, Yue Shen Shan pointed out that the concept of monitoring content does not apply to property, monitoring captured picture does not have the property value, and store monitoring part in the picture may involve a number of crimes, in the case of the police to monitor the transfer of investigation, businesses should cooperate with.

Yue Shen Shan stressed that because of the theft behavior in the American brand clothing store, and the store is operating within the territory of China, therefore, according to the "company law", "Criminal Procedure Law" and the "People's Republic of China police law" and other relevant laws and regulations, regardless of the store properties, even if the enterprise is foreign capital enterprises should also be applied to China's laws and regulations, their own internal management regulations "shop right against the public security organs authority".

specific to Mr. Qin's experience, video surveillance as an important visual evidence, stores have a duty to assist the investigation of public security organs, public security organs and to provide the store monitoring visual evidence, recorded by shall not refuse or hinder people's police perform their duties according to law, hinder people's police investigation, the public security organs will have the right to give the fines, detention and other administrative penalties for public security.

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