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, author: careless eye has the phenomenon of uneven development in any country, such as health care, education, development of the industry is a traditional industry, if it is okay, but the Internet industry due to his own characteristic, so it is still the development environment to attract talent for first-tier cities is much better. Although in recent years has improved, some of the two or three line of the city has some jobs, my close colleague left Beijing and returned home to work, but some finally came back, the salary is on the one hand, the main or working atmosphere is too poor and unable to give yourself a good development space.

in Beijing in recent years, every year there are relatives and classmates to come to Beijing to find me, every time I will help them plan to play a line with their play ring and send them to the train station. This year to send a friend to go home, I want to change the location, the car back to the home that I. Has been in the heart as if there are two people: a person that you want to achieve the ideal, China stay in the most prosperous city, feelings of city life, the realization of personal value; another is back home, live in comfort, not what pressure, good wife child hot kang. In fact, this does not matter right or wrong, but the individual's choice is different.

to do with student do white-collar workers are two different states, differences in living state will let you feel the passage of time, I came to Beijing for four years, if the university would have graduated, and now I just arrived in Beijing with the living state of the difference is not large, so it makes me feel time passed quickly. Each time a student asked me when to go home, I always smile, explain the reason why can not go home now, talk about some of the shortcomings of the work in the home, can not do their favorite Internet and so on. Although the reason is always the same, that the more you are feeling too perfunctory, but students still often asked, I always think, if the home can often get together with classmates, playmates much, home of several students to buy a car, if you go to the distant place to play, drive also a lot of convenience. But it's still just a dream.

people should do the appropriate things in the corresponding stage, most began to own a person, not what concerns, older marriage, children will face a series of things, some things that is not easy, it will be more difficult. Grow up, find themselves really can't live for themselves, they are from the rural areas, although the society has developed quickly, but the traditional idea of parents is very heavy, I can't be too late to get married, not too late if children do the corresponding thing in marriageable age, parents heart always thinking, this is a knot in their hearts, not to worry. That said, but I still do not like to be satisfied with the wishes of their parents, and reluctantly accept their own feelings of practice. Fortunately, they are lucky, a few years ago to find their favorite girl, parents are very satisfied with the. Now call home, mom and dad asked the question is no longer have to find an object and become what time to get married.

my dad told me that if I am healthy, have a good job (he did not hope I have much of the offer), he told my mother happy, my mother said if I hope they feel good, work tired bitter they have power. A few years ago I made a small village because accidentally died in a car accident, his parents put their own land sold a lot in the US means the number of income, also means the amount. Parents make money for their children, no children, as long as the money to meet their own life is enough, so there is no need to kind of so many. I know my mother is hope I will marry and have children, they may also be less, follow me to town.

said if the single income of the rural population, I think we have a good side, the village is to rely on an apple for a few years, the apple prices are also rising, usually every year income at around one hundred thousand. Until now our village is still not a decent supermarket, every time I see on television the rural teleplays, people in the village supermarket makes me very envious, if we thought village will be a lot easier for such a supermarket to buy something. With the village shop boss chat, why not to store good decoration, expand the scale, he told me that now such things do not sell, expand the scale is to pay, not to mention not to earn money, where the money to expand the scale. Analyze the reasons, in the village opened supermarket less consumer groups, the village most of the young people in the town, will go back one or two times a year, even back to buy things and how much to buy it, and some people go home when some things have been brought from the outside. My grandfather had a relatively large village store, I was very envious, these a few years to Grandpa home also found that store scale is reduced, now only a shelf. Although the income is good, but people in the village is still very Province, parents to save the money to send to the children. />

is a fact that there is really a lot of people is not ideal, said before, want to be a scientist when musicians only in the working surface of the scenery and not really because of his interest in love. If a student is not my high school when I go to Internet cafes to play, come into contact with the network, I think I like most of the students after graduation can find a job in the local work, if not love, dry tired, just another one. Some ideal may only do a good job, hope in the work made a small achievement desire such that million will not rise to change the world, make human life more beautiful at this height. So I have always felt that they are lucky, this time with the Internet, or really do not know what they can do. />

I was also very naive to think about a problem, think they eat with home is almost the same, although sometimes to a nice restaurant, but also fixed a few times a month, why they always never save money. I think later, although you eat with the family almost, but some food can eat a few days at home in Beijing, really want to have to eat, on the university that moment to eat a KFC is not easy, work every day after lunch is KFC, until all eat KFC the. Things are those things, but the frequency of consumption increased, the money spent more naturally.

a lot of people are coming to Beijing by the media and propaganda films, because the TV publicity is an edifice, people who work in the bright scene, so many people are dreaming to Beijing to live such a life. But after coming to Beijing will find a lot of things are not the same, especially if your salary is not high, probably can only live on the outskirts of the city since the building or is far away from downtown area, you may also feel your own place as home.

had a colleague asked me, why Internet Co employees are generally young, I think that is because the Internet in China's history is very short, it is not more than 20 years of history; and secondly because the employees always update iterations, the old age employees left the company to go home, just graduated young people into the Internet Co, added a new vitality. Although the average salary of the Internet industry is pretty high, but the Internet Co basically belong to private enterprises, so in some ways less dominant, such as hukou, only a few large Internet Co will have ended, but the number is not much, this is not some central enterprises, state-owned enterprises. Chinese is a special national conditions, the household registration system is a social hot discussion topic, in fact, if there is no household registration system, the biggest problem facing Beijing workers may also just price.

I had thought there is no one look at the last drift race is how, I think later in Beijing is only in recent years, before the people's income gap is not so large, we also work about nature, specifically to work outside people are not so much now, so even a senior Beijing has more than 10 years of time, also do not see results. But through my observation, the drift is roughly divided into three categories: one is to stay in Beijing, bought a house in Beijing, with the account, settled down; one is to live with his wife and children separated in different places of life, his wife and children at home, his work in Beijing, fixed frequency back home a; there is a stay in Beijing, still live a life of rent, children go to school to pay tuition, do not enjoy the treatment of the people of Beijing.

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