Why did vivo and OPPO beat apple in China? Occupy the rural market

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fenghuangkeji· 2016-12-05 00:04:53

iPhone shipments fell to 8 million 200 thousand over the same period, a decline of more than 1/3, less than half of shipments vivo.

OPPO and vivo

Reference News Network reported on December 4th U.S. media said, two years ago, OPPO and vivo are not squeeze into the top five in the China intelligent mobile phone market. Now, the two brands in the Apple Corp after squeezing out the warlords, thanks to Cheng Xiaoning (sound) such a person.

, according to Bloomberg News website reported on November 23rd, Cheng Xiaoning opened an electronics store in a remote town, she uses the WeChat social media account for the payment of commission the largest brand advertising, shop business is booming, the Commission gave her the most is the OPPO and vivo. She earns about 40 yuan by the minimum commission, but the more expensive the mobile phone, the higher the Commission to sell a OPPO high-end mobile phones have nearly 200 yuan. She said: "this is the reason I like to recommend OPPOR9 to potential customers, business has been very good, in the past, it has never been so much better. "

Cheng Xiaoning and other tens of thousands of fans holding the same purpose as OPPO and vivo against Apple Corp and Samsung Electronics, the daring vanguard. Through cooperation with major vendors in remote provinces of China, OPPO and vivo in one fell swoop subvert the industry order. OPPO in the 3 quarter of this year, and vivo brands accounted for 1/3 of China's smart phone market share, while iPhone's market share of only 7%, the lowest level in nearly three years.

OPPO and vivo are the reclusive billionaire Duan Yongping love the industry, two brand strategy is also very similar, including mining rural customers purchasing power away from Beijing and Shanghai and other first-tier cities. This is the soft underbelly of iPhone, because the iPhone mobile phone prices high. Vivo and OPPO did not choose electricity suppliers, but to find the local smart phone market accounted for 3/4 of the local smart phone market. The Apple Corp would not want to give the local agents retail business, because some stores on mobile phone brands to collect store display and posters. "OPPO and vivo are willing to share the profits with local retailers," said

IDC, a Beijing based analyst, and the successful establishment of a very active and loyal national sales network. "Although the retailer refused to disclose details of the subsidy program, but the analysts estimate that over the past 1 years is the two most expensive brands," they are another way to do is local marketing".

over the years, Apple Corp and Samsung Corp are relying on China to promote growth. Apple Corp in fiscal year 2015 from China's sales revenue of nearly $59 billion, more than double the growth of 2 years ago, this period the company's stock soared more than 60%. Greater China in its heyday accounted for nearly 30% of the revenue of the Apple Corp, the Apple Corp was fierce competition for the Chinese market leader in the position of the company. Even if the Chinese economy began to slow down, Apple Corp CEO Tim · Cook last year, or in a revenue analysis will spend a lot of time, talking about the prospects of the Chinese market. Cook said that Apple Corp in the coming decades to invest in the Chinese market.

since then, China's economic slowdown and supervision of the Apple Corp suffered losses. But the most important factor may be, the local cheap smart phone brands began to rise. Up to now, OPPO and vivo's success is mainly to lower the low-end brands suffered losses, but if they further into the high-end market, the Apple Corp will be looking for ways to deal with. Some people believe that the 2017 launch of the 10 anniversary edition iPhone may bring the answer. Neal · director

Conte Poynter research; Shah wrote: "to attract more and more mature China intelligent mobile phone users, the Apple Corp will provide cutting-edge technology. He said, OPPO and vivo can use this time to consolidate their position.

according to IDC, OPPO and vivo smart phone shipments in the 3 quarter of this year, about 40 million, accounting for 34% of the Chinese market smartphone sales. And in 2012 the sales of these two brands accounted for only 2.5%.

iPhone shipments fell to 8 million 200 thousand over the same period, a decline of more than 1/3, less than half of shipments vivo. According to Conte Poynter research, the original is in the leading position in the market Chinese Samsung Corp sales accounted for about 5%. (compile / Wang Chao)

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