Without a foundation, can you dance well?


wudaozhongguo· 2016-12-05 02:01:56

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many love dance friends, once asked, not what to do, what to learn, the old learning dance will late? There are fat points MM said he was fat how to jump?

learn dance must have confidence in their own , as long as there is confidence, what all not afraid, there is no basis, from the most simple to learn, not everyone is from no foundation began to learn?

everyone see those professional dancers jump a lot more cattle, but which can be seen in the halo behind what is it like? They dance every day to practice until the middle of the night 1 points to 2 points, and the number of learning how to dance the child can do it? Style= color: "#0C8918 good dance comes from the boring practice.

old will not be able to learn to dance? 80 year old woman in the United States to jump, so dance, regardless of age, their love can only learn to dance, do not understand can ask the teacher, a good teacher is not afraid of trouble, is not impatient, because senior teachers, qualities and their state of mind, has reached a very high level, so do not know to ask.

in addition to listen to music, dance is a kind of silent music. If you can do it, you can't learn to dance.

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