Dozens of students from the queue to buy rice Street melee


weilaiwang· 2016-12-05 06:08:49

12 2 months at 11 o'clock, in the vicinity of the Heyuan University City Commercial Street, dozens of students fighting in the streets, because of the large number of involved in the fight, the whole scene is a mess, there are a lot of people in the crowd scene. Shooting


" video can be seen from the onlookers, dozens of students rushing headlong into someone with iron pipes, someone picked up stones have joined, both sides are pushing, and then evolved into a street fight, students have been playing on a student, head is broken, bleeding on the spot.

" a student said, because the two sides fight is just a student being altercation and buy rice in the queue. Because during the fighting process, people use telescopic iron, some residents suspected to participate in the fight, a party may be prepared. And for this, the Heyuan police also conducted a briefing:

alarm notification

12 2 August 11 pm, (Heyuan) near the City University City Commercial Street with students to fight the case, my bureau after receiving the report, quickly organized police to disposal.

investigation, student Zhang, Lee and others because of queuing disputes when eating in the dining hall, at a bus station to meet when the quarrel then leads to a fight, fighting, killing four students scalp laceration. Currently, students involved have been brought back to deal with the school. The case for further investigation.

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