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Concept map Stewart Wolfe hero

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sometimes, when we start with the design of a new hero, we will be in the mind of a specific role, such as the auxiliary type of play. Also sometimes, our design starting point is just a simple theme, such as "the master of the earth element"". Camille

is a different case, we think: "we want to make a new hero, let the game player feel in control of everything the madman. "

is not so obviously, what is this lady too crazy legs a machete. One is a concept map first, Camille has been cool. However, in order to turn her into a real role, we need to solve such a problem: what kind of people put their legs for a pair of heks sword hero

[tip of Camille most important characteristics to sum up in a word, she is stronger than you. She is smarter than you, more than you, and about more than and 100 times more than you. In the game, she will side with these facts constantly taunt you, while you up with the legs of a knife. Camille Peart Wolf from

. The city enjoys the rich fruits of cultural renaissance. The city continues to develop, the size of the transaction control of powerful family also hope to be able to maintain this momentum. So there is such a "Camille repair", they are wandering in the shadow of the agent, to maintain a balance between different forces. The key lies in the balance now, absolutely can not let the neighbors - Juan - rise below, otherwise it will become a real threat to the existence of the city.

"Peart Wolfe was very rich," Ariel "Thermal Kitten" Lawrence said: "if a place is very rich, the difference between the classes would be particularly significant -- rich and poor. "Living in the Juan scientists might not have to worry about the restrictions and fetters restrictions, but the two most of the symbiotic city to city real wealth. It stands in Carmel caught between two of the world, if she failed to complete the balance of the mission, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. The city will collapse, and chaos will reign.

it is not difficult to imagine, in order to carmie their duties to spare no effort to pay all. When she realized that the body part for hextech armed can be a head taller than the opponent, she did not hesitate. For Juan city people and strengthen the body, is not what strange things, but this is the case, many people still feel that the transformation of the magnitude of Carmel is absolutely insane behavior.

yes, for this pair of scissors carmie legs also had doubts. "Of course she won't admit it to anyone. "Thermal Kitten said," but her mind still has a small problem: if I have overslept? Without losing humanity, but also to strengthen her in the end to what extent? "

her deepest fear is, because she in flesh and blood for acting as the price tool others will see her as available tools. Carmel is a cross boundary in mechanical and human woman, and the line and the edge of the narrow blade. But it doesn't matter, she said to herself, as long as I'm still in control of everything. The

carmie play to control as the core concept, in her way around the battlefield. As long as she wants to do it, the battle will be fought. The use of fast cut hook rope, she can force the opponent immediately singled out with her. "She's very convinced she can play with you," said Riot Jag Sidhu, a hero designer. "Her Q skill is to give people the feeling -" I'll hit you in two seconds. And then she really hit it. "

is the first to establish the Carmel hook skills, although it has experienced several strange iteration. For example, one version, Camille is a British version of the spider woman, she can shoot five pieces of hook, jump back and forth in between the walls. Although this mechanism is very fun, but after repeated verification, this trick in most battles there is not much practical value (and the difficulty of the use of the use of death).

" Camille skills group game player to better grasp the rhythm, because the cooling time of these skills will bring a specific time window. Maybe most of the players will need several games to get familiar with the rhythm. But the game player can experience carmie grasp properly to harvest the feeling.

"if you even put it, should feel like dancing. She first Q about, and then back, and then W scan you, and then jumped over to pick up the two section of the Q. "Jag Riot says.

and some even need more practice. For example, you can press W on the way back to the side of the hook, and you will be able to hit the enemy when you get to the side. "This move really cool, as long as our team played this combo, they will send the video to me. "Jag Riot says.

is the most dazzling moment carmie when cleaning the battlefield. If your team lost to Carmel team, she will kill you one by one to the remotest corners of the globe, like a movie that can not stop the secret agent, light is the sequel to take the end of the world.

carmie hextech produced many early concept maps inspired from the movie and game "cyborg Assassin" image. "She's like a James Bond agent, but she's also an elegant lady. The concept of "artist Hing" Hdot "Chui said. We have to give

a bunch of Camille nicknames, accurately grasp or want to express her individuality -- such as the M, the Grey Lady, Miss City's left hand, or simply, strong warrior. There is no doubt that the lack of acting or "six military cyborg Mary Poppins". Hdot smiled and admitted a monocle, a bowler in the early design diagram with a Carmel, "hextech umbrella".

in Carmel visual communication, the most difficult is to accurately reflect her chest hextech core (driving her legs) slowed down rather than stop her aging. Her actual age is eighty years old, but her appearance is obviously much younger. She is not immortal, but it does seem to be a lot more mature than her appearance. Agerasia way

is certainly not what carmie skincare well chosen such nonsense, thanks to her chest in the hextech core. To operate the legs knife, she needs not only strong legs. At the same time, it also means carmie firm ideas on various parts of her body are affected. Even her eyes will shine, betraying her inhuman strength from it.

is the test carmie cut people tirelessly, will soon officially visit the canyon. Everybody more careful.


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