Lu Yu new style paper can challenge the flaming lips shape wear dress bunch still empty

Long skirts flaming lips skeleton body bunch

qianzhanwang· 2016-12-05 09:38:28



days ago, Luyu Chen appeared in a VIP room for a large fashion event. During the period, she splashed red with white abstract paintings of the dress, the flaming lips makeup appeared, and the intellectual and professional image compared to more playful and feminine.


makeup chose delicate dress Lu Yu originally wanted to go from line, but maybe it is too thin because originally very feminine dress does not hold up. This is something many thin actress proud of the capital to show off, but in the Lu Yu, and now has become the people criticized her for. The Internet can be found online, you will find about her topic mostly around the sharp thin body, thin paper said she even called her skull, "walking skeleton". Align= >1



, but Lu Yu has always insisted that his health is thin thin, on the spread of a meal only eat 10 grains of rice are also explained is groundless statement. Meng Fei once asked this question, Lu Yu even directly to the camera face: "I think you guys are really bored to death, it is!" if you do not believe, she simply on the spot to the front of the television to a chowhound eat live! Is lovely, Lu Yu at the head of a solemn statement: "see the mirror no? I eat!"

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