The playoff loser group meet XQ again beat sViper promotion

The playoffs loser MoBa Mobile Games

mofangwang· 2016-12-05 09:59:35

12 4, "officially started the" king of glory occupation League playoff second week second game, loser group second round match against sViper by XQ, double side had yesterday in the first round of the playoffs against, and today, the last laugh is still XQ. After five fierce battle, XQ with a 3:2 defeat opponents, promotion loser group semi-final, while sViper playoff regret stop.

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? In addition, summoners also landed on the king of glory assistant, hand Q Events Center, event center, WeChat gaming and penguins live, live dragon, lion tiger broadcasting platform event the following is the

watch! Game review: the first

: Han Xin with many mistakes and dominate the accomplishment sViper before the next city


the first game of both sides: the blue side: XQ

disabled Hero: Guan Yu Hero: Han Xin, Luna

in summer, Hou Linton, Diao Chan, Zhong Kui, orange red right Beijing

: sViper

disabled Hero: Liu Bang and Zhao Yun

, Miyamoto Takehide, a hero selection: Marco Polo, MI month, Mai

" in this game, the two sides in the fight with sViper Nanshenanfen late to dominate the master hard to win. Start only 40 seconds, sViper will kill the opposition area of Han, fourth minutes, both sides in the sViper area of the outbreak half wild battle group, hit 2 in 2, Diao Chan got a double play. Both sides are relatively smooth, although the head of the exchange, but not the outbreak of a large group of war.

fourteenth minutes, sViper took the master, 16 minutes, XQ through the kill opponents two people, the economy will overtake. In 19 minutes, Han Road surrounded by all the opponents, sViper hit 1 for 3 and scored twenty-first victories to dominate, sViper side tilt, sViper minutes, open group kill the other three people, and broke the enemy base, won the first game victory.

second: Mai Xiu over the XQ sViper


: the two sides second blue side: sViper

disabled Hero: Orange Beijing, Zhao Yun

right choice, Han Xin, Marco Polo Hero: Mulan, Zhuang Zhou, Ying Zheng

Red Square XQ

: Guan Yu

, Luna disabled hero hero selection: Mai, Liu Bang, Li Bai, Lv Bu, Sun Shangxiang,

" in this game, XQ start will grasp the situation actively, and through the steady play to win the game. The opening is only 1 minutes, more than XQ GANK under the tower to kill choang Tsu, second minutes, XQ sViper came to trying to kill a tyrant, chase, XQ counter hit 0 for 3, then the economic advantage has been mastered in the hands of XQ, sViper attempts to strip line to restore the gap due to equipment gap. Mai, Liu Bang in the single kill opponents. Seventeenth minutes, XQ in holding the master after the master of the force to push the crystal, in the case of zero seal opponents win the game, the score is 1:1.

third: Luna XQ victory none such under heaven, to get the match point

" Ban/Pick

: the two sides third disabled Hero: Guan Yu, MI month

select Heroes: Xiahou Dun, Zhuang Zhou, Marco Polo, Luna, Mulan

Hero: Orange right Beijing Miyamoto Takehide, Sun Shangxiang, Lv Bu, Mai,

the game started 2 minutes, XQ caught wild area invading Lv Bu, Luna got double play, seventh minutes on the road again, Luna gains double play. In the next ninth minutes, sViper road chase Marco Polo, XQ and all the people came to kill the opponent three, 10 minutes, the two sides in the war erupted near the master, both sides played 3 change 4, Luna finished the harvest. 12 minutes XQ won the masters and the tyrant, and break the road level, 15 minutes, sViper chase opponents kill opponents two, 17 minutes, the outbreak of war Marco Polo Road, and then push the opponent triple harvest base.

fourth: four Marco Polo kill sViper


: the two sides fourth disabled Hero: Han Xin and Zhao Yun

, Marco Polo hero selection: Xiang Yu, Li Bai, Jiang Ziya, orange right Beijing

hero selection: Sun Shangxiang, Liu Bang, Mai, Zhuang Zhou, Mulan,

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the game started, less than 1 minutes, sViper in District caught Mulan to get a blood, seventh minutes, XQ in area to hit 1 in 2, the number of head and tie, by virtue of sViper a master kept slightly ahead of the economy. Eleventh minutes, the sudden change in the situation, the sViper direct start to dominate in the tyrant get hit 0 change after sViper 4, four Marco Polo get killed, and directly pushed off the enemy base.

fifth: Zero closure Bureau staged again, XQ sViper


: the two sides fifth disabled Hero: Guan Yu and Jiang Ziya

, Xiahou Dun choose Hero: Mai, Li Bai, Lv Bu, orange right Beijing

hero: disabled Liu Bang, Luna

Hero: Marco Polo, Zhuang, Zhao Yun, MI month, class= "img_box" id=

" in the early game, XQ made a dream start, and again through a sealed the win, successful promotion. The first 2 minutes, XQ three Baotuan walk, get a mi months blood, at the same time, XQ on flowering kill Marco Polo. Then XQ has been occupying the initiative on the scene, and other wild resources continue to compress, Mai in the way many Shami single month, seventh minute economic gap has widened to six thousand, tenth minutes, XQ to break the three Highland Road master tower, a wave of the end of the game, the big score 3:2 out of opponents and the success of the promotion. Congratulations to

XQ qualify for the semi-final losers, toward a higher honor. XQ in this game, showing strong team cooperation ability and the operation ability, let us hope they can continue in the next game, play their own style, at the same time we also expect sViper to ashes in the next season, the soil volume weight to.

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