Fan Bingbing won the waiter a peek at leer arm

Fan Bingbing a waiter foreign eyes.

fenghuangyule· 2016-12-05 11:00:11

Fan Bingbing won the foreign waiter hand entertainment news the day before, Fan Bingbing appeared to attend an event at the mall, the hall was surrounded by the crowd of onlookers, a foreign male side service way students hand accompanied from time to time towards each other left behind "the way". The same day Fan Bingbing wearing a beige coat, a beautiful black hair perm called retro wave, looks full of temperament. And the waiter a foreign hand Tong counterparts, talked about but also did not forget to take a peek, girl heart completely unmasked.

users have commented: "the big black, come to speak with you Fan Bingbing" "@ great black, Bing Bing rushed home you God winked at

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