The store opened, two men and a woman was found lying on the floor...

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fenghuangwang· 2016-12-05 11:10:16

store just opened is a happy thing, why can Hangzhou this snack store just opened, it suffered a misfortune? About 7:50 this morning, the shop owner Mr. Dai to send the opening basket, found the shop has been open, but no response. "You came to see if there was a man lying in it," said one of the people who entered the breakfast shop. "

Jiubao police station rushed to the scene, found the snack bar in the kitchen with two men and a woman lying on the ground of suspected gas poisoning.

in addition, according to the scene involved in the rescue of the security guard said, he was into the operating room, smelled very bad taste, and the police together three people carried out after he appeared vomiting.

three and then was sent to the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital and the 117 hospital Xiasha, then reporters from two hospitals informed that three patients in the hospital, breathing and heartbeat have arrest, after the rescue did not come to the rescue.

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