[Laoke] Kobe retired after the first variety: Farewell to the don't mess.


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Tencent sports April 28 hearing distance Kobe career finally a war has passed 14 days time, recently Kobe is in retirement appeared in public for the first time, visit the famous off talk show programs on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, for retired the day's scenes, Bryant still feel incredible. During the interview, Kobe also sat on the chair a little show his dancing, attracted plaudits.

Bryant in talk shows


the beginning of the program, the host Ellen asked to retire the day the case. Bryant said he has felt unbelievable. "I can hardly believe that the day is going to happen, as the last game, it's really weird. At the beginning I was quite calm, but when I walked into the hall, sad blowing and, each people have come here to see my last race, I just want to not too bad. After losing five balls, I just relax."

retired in the day, a lot of celebrities to the scene to witness this historic moment, when Alan asked so many celebrity presence would distract him, Bryant replied: "no, actually also made me more devotion, I see a lot of celebrities, I heard the voice of your."

Bryant's wife Vanessa, and two daughters, also at the scene, when Alan asked her daughters is thought to cut down 60 points, Kobe Bryant smiled and said: "they don't think, they do not know how I would play so, I give them that, in fact, your dad used to also play very good."

daughter in watching the scene, Bryant said he was just hope I don't make something embarrassing, "I hope do not dance, can not let the kids feel ashamed, I danced, but only by on the stool jump, stand up after limb is not coordinated." Said Kobe Bryant sat in a chair, while rap, while doing a dance, the audience is Bryant's humor amused laughter.

is known to all, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal can be described as is a quarrelsome lovers, on the day of the big shark also came to the scene, and appears in the video tribute to Kobe, when Alan asked with Shaq is whether or not the friend, Bryant joked: "I never liked him." when Alan asked: "you do not really like him?" Kobe Bryant smiled and said: "no, I'm kidding, since we have to challenge each other, also very straightforward to speak, we're still friends, get along well, because we didn't work in an environment."

in the interview process, also played a few about Bryant's wonderful video highlights, when asked if that is not their own private seen many times the highlights, Kobe Bryant and a little embarrassed said: "I really is a basketball otaku, when I watch collection I will to choose their own mistakes, to see the pace is not wrong, but these are not important. I think it is very suitable to retire at this time, I feel very lucky, and now leave because I do not want to play again."

but Bryant said he usually will go to play basketball, "our family often at home to practice shooting, Vanessa cast is very good, my daughters also cast. The little daughter very feisty, I love sports, to see later how to choose."


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