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Mother baby fetal movement record

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, what is the definition of

1, pregnant women fetal fetal activity impact (Fetal movement),

movement refers to the activities of fetus in uterine cavity in the uterine wall shock action. After 4 months of pregnancy, that is, from the beginning of fifth months, the mother can obviously feel the fetal activities.


's display movement of the fetus in the womb, hand kick, impact uterine wall, this is it. The number of times, the strength of the speed of movement such that the safety of the fetus. The movement is fetal activity in the mother's womb. The phenomenon of fetal

two, pregnant women 1, whole body motion

mothers during pregnancy will "movement".

fetus in the body of the whole body movement, for example, turning, turning, etc.. This kind of movement strength is strong, and the duration of each action is relatively long, generally for 3-30 seconds.


stretching the fetus in the mother's body wild need exercise, with fetal growth and development, will begin to stretch arm, twisting body and so on, each action duration is generally 1~15 seconds.


is the lower leg movement we often feel the baby kick movement. This action is fast, weak, each movement duration is generally within one second.

knowledge: chest wall movement is relatively short and weak, the general mother is not easy to feel.

at the beginning of three, the mother during pregnancy, fetal fetal stage 1 formed in the beginning of the formation of the fetus, fetal movement began to appear, but that the baby is too small, weak, so usually do not feel the baby's movement.

2, the movement performance status

16~20 weeks of pregnancy, the baby strength gradually increased, the mother can be the first to feel the movement. The movement range of motion is small, weak, it is very obvious; fetal position in the lower abdomen, navel, feel like peristalsis.

3, baby

weak force during this period the baby's power is weak, many mothers feel at this time the baby's movement like fish is in "grunt" bubble as in swimming or, a bit like hungry when peristalsis.

4, the force strength gradually

20~35 weeks of pregnancy can feel fetal movement several times every day. The movement range of motion is increasing, power is strong, the movement is very obvious; the movement parts are mostly close to the stomach, expand to both sides; pregnant women will feel the baby in the belly cuff and kick.

5, baby at the active period of

due to this stage of your baby is in the active period, and the intrauterine environment is also relatively large, the birth of the baby activity space is sufficient, the most intense movement. The pregnant mother often feel the baby in the belly cuff and kick and writhe.

: sometimes also can see the raised hands and feet in the belly.

6, large amplitude of strong

~ 35 weeks of pregnancy childbirth, fetal pregnancy as frequently. The movement of large amplitude, strong power; the whole abdomen can feel the baby in the second trimester but not cuff and kick, high frequency. Reduce the number of

7, the movement at this stage, the baby grow up day by day, the intrauterine environment is relatively narrow, the smaller space, the mother can clearly feel the movement performance of the baby, but the movement of the frequency will be reduced than some time ago.

four, 1, the number of pregnant women to fetal fixed time observation of

in the morning, in the evening, the number of fixed time 1 hours, more than 3 times per hour, reflecting the fetus in good condition. Can also be early, middle and late three times and 4 times the number of fetal movement, which is 12 hours the number of fetal movement.


in 12 hours if the observation of the fetal movement up to 30 times more reflect the fetus in good condition, less than 20 times that of fetal abnormalities, if the movement is less than 10 times, then the fetal intrauterine hypoxia.

3, the number of fetal

number of good posture should be quickened supine or sitting, concentration of thought, by some small goods (such as coins or buttons) mark or recorded on paper, in order to avoid missing.

: if the continuous movement or knowledge at the same time many feel fetal movement, can only be done once, so the movement completely stopped, followed by counting. Note

, five pregnant women movement 1, strength and number of self monitoring

movement, individual differences, some 12 hours up to 100 times more, since the number of pregnant women after a period of time will come to a constant, then the standard, self monitoring fetal safety.

knowledge: if long time continuous fetal movement, should also be alert.

2, the number of fetal

count fetal good posture, pregnant mother best left decubitus position, the environment must be quiet, thought to focus, the mood to calm, to ensure accurate measurement data.

3, the movement suddenly reduced

if a pregnant woman has a slight have a fever, because the buffering effect of fetal amniotic fluid, and have less effect. However, it should be noted that the cause of the cause of the pregnant woman, if it is a common cold and the cause of the fever, the fetus will not have too much influence.

knowledge: if it is an infectious disease or influenza, especially for close to prospective mothers, the impact on the fetus is greater.

4, the blood flow reduced

mothers if the sustained high temperature more than 38 degrees Celsius, it will cause the blood flow of fetal placenta and uterus decreased, it becomes quieter. So, for the baby's health, the expectant mother needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible, ask the doctor to help.

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