An important step in the Internet of things, the strong rise of M2M roaming


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" permanent roaming "this way is many services to multinational clients M2M's important choice, because they only want to select a supplier. This pattern is especially global manufacturers, because it solves the supply of goods for its destination and must take the cumbersome drawbacks of N number of local network operators SIM card, also makes the M2M equipment to get better coverage.

Starhome "assessment report of Mach company and market research agency Machina Resarch common research shows that nearly a year in double M2M roaming share consideration based on the mobile network operators to deal with the influence brought more attention.

M2M connection has been widely known as growth report, Machina research pointed out that the 350 million connected devices based on cellular network, and predicts the number will increase to 1 billion 300 million in the next five years. However, the proportion of M2M connected by roaming may be faster. As the roaming data service (including billing and settlement statistics network operators) global supplier, Starhome Mach has reliable evidence that last year in the M2M equipment on the consumption of roaming volume growth of 100%, the total amount of roaming so as to achieve the share of 7%. This growth rate is entirely possible to achieve the 2020 machine roaming data to drive the use of superman. This trend is shown in the following table. Style=


roaming M2M equipment has many different degrees of human to use; there is a large amount of data users, and some of the transceiver information quantity is very few, but these people do in heavy use "free" cyber source. Another point is that it is difficult for the card issuer to control and specify the preferred network in the local area. The reason is partly because these devices such as the GSMA operation does not comply with the protocol with the mobile phone; but there is another situation, sometimes between customers and business equipment suppliers agreement special requirements of roaming M2M device does not comply with the agreement. There is still a controversy as to whether there should be sufficient transparency between the network to ensure efficient management of roaming equipment. />

has now become a global roaming deployment of more and more common tools, but this means that mobile network operators to operate on its network equipment on the nature and demand is more and more difficult to control. In a recent survey of wholesale operators, we found that the 86% operators have launched or will launch its global M2M products, but the 70% operators said they couldn't monitor whether the equipment they roam to the network, 76% said they could not to monitor these devices. />

Machina Institute chief analyst Jeremy Green said, network operators need to roam on the M2M device on downlink information more clearly grasp, if not effectively insight, they will be difficult to find the optimization of customer service, meet regulatory requirements, or to ensure its stable and reliable network function and international service issues such as the way.

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An important step in the Internet of things, the strong rise of M2M roaming

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An important step in the Internet of things, the strong rise of M2M roaming

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