Cai Yingwen and Bertrand Mandarin for 10 minutes? Qiu Yi: English sucks


haiwaiwang· 2016-12-05 17:49:33

overseas network on 5 December, according to the rating agency reported in Hongkong, according to Cai Yingwen and President elect Trump 2 days before the call, the KMT legislator Qiu Yi 4, posting on Facebook said that Cai Yingwen and Trump call this destroyed the US since 1979 since the establishment of diplomatic practice, the impact of Sino us and cross-strait relations. In Taiwan, more harm than good, Cai Yingwen won the face, lost inside.

Qiu Yi said, Cai Yingwen said she and Trump ten minute telephone communication may exaggerate brag, "Cai Yingwen could break English speak slowly, pronunciation grammar is wrong, Trump did not really understand, so much time consumption. "

Qiu Yi also pointed out that PFP chairman James Soong's trip to the APEC is not considered bragging overdone, integrity, political operation tactics, has obvious negative impact on cross-strait relations. Cai Yingwen is now a congratulatory message, there are some "boast" component, the ground wave again, I am afraid that the deadlock between the two sides of one disaster after another. It seems that the winter of this year on both sides of the Strait is to be more cold.

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