See Yang Mi dad's micro-blog to know how cold Hawick Lau

Yang Mi Dad micro-blog Hawick Lau

tanzi· 2016-12-05 20:11:32

Yang Mi, a technician at micro-blog, all of a sudden fire, face eyes nose, so it is proved once again that the large power power is from small to large?

Yang Mi childhood photos not she is not what fans watch the photo watermark @ leisure Kobayashi brother , well, this is Yang Mi the father of micro-blog ID, many online spread of Yang Mi's photos are adorable Yang dad hand out.

" in addition to show Yang Mi's adorable photos, dad also had their daughter, "the pit" from time to time but also some large power power has some non mainstream overexert photos of · · ·

" with a ballpoint pen with adolescent daughter hand painted dad the sun came out to praise, not think big Power and this one hand, it seems to go to school when there is no less romance.

double father Yang Mi micro-blog, is the Yang Mi studio another lively version, 95% is related to the contents of all the daughter. Since Yang Mi took part in the "real man", Yang dad fixed a Monday, every time for his daughter shouting propaganda, never missed, it is also responsible for the official blog than others!

" to his daughter propaganda also do not forget to give her daughter a good sister Liyan Tong ad play, also to the people themselves take a combination of Yan chuan.

" but you put this brother Lin Ya Ya picture she really happy?

" Yang Mi is absolutely a faithful father of Yang Mi powder, the power of the power to bring 9 wax opening topic map, is said to have brought home two eat.

Yang Mi attended a charity party, dad did not forget to cheer for her daughter team, look at the text a little better than the official micro-blog, but also his daughter "beauty itself", gentlemen, this word is spelled.

" of course, daughter TV film to be released, but also with a poster with dad strongly praised the. With so many people on the cast, Dad's eyes only Wuli large power!

Kobayashi Koma is not eccentric, in addition to help her daughter to help her husband Hawick Lau propaganda, propaganda, want to send a China good father of small red flowers for you!

" son-in-law's birthday will not miss, also carefully selected Hawick Lau a portrait, a stills and a · · · abdominal muscle half naked according to · · · the father, really heart.

his daughter's birthday is always with blessing, also called direct power, power brother sister · · · suddenly remembered Yang Mi before the interview said he is careless at home no big or small, especially for love people take the nickname, it seems that this really is genetic.

Yang dad sent a micro-blog, probably didn't think his daughter said in the program performance so strong

" the netizen ran to his micro-blog message called Mimi, Lin brother mercilessly anger your back, don't allow anyone to talk to his daughter.

it is said that Yang Mi's body and long legs are false, Dad immediately pulls out of the picture, said this is his 15 years ago to take Yang Mi, absolute PS, childhood is hemp rod legs. Class= img_box "

my mother! This leg is not 2 meters???

said, Dad, let's take a look at her husband Hawick Lau, from 2012 to now almost 5 years, and Yang Mi micro-blog a total of only 12. When both sides are basically a birthday, these festivals are not a micro-blog, second days will be on the headlines. Estimation of · · ·

Yang dad's micro-blog has two main contents, in addition to boast the United States also boast of his daughter is handsome, really, no tactfully, he is handsome!

" to the national scenic beauty of the place, and then photographed boast handsome · · ·

and colleagues daughter was photographed, his face covered up, who said it was so handsome · · ·

"to the adorable brother Kobayashi than that! A wedding of his daughter in heaven tonight unforgettable dad, have you seen?

" has been Grandpa is when people, but we never give up on your brother Lin figure management, people see the biceps, shaking it? Also do not forget to keep up with the trend of the mirror to the self.

" is the most inspirational, people developed abdominal muscles! Ah! Look at his comparison chart, you can tell me the general assembly, you do not exercise?! Class=

good good, I admit that the father to moe to, than the heart! Class= img_box "

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