End of the year award 150 billion? Who is in the HUAWEI scandal flattery


wangyikeji· 2016-12-06 04:48:19

NetEase Francisco December 5th news, the recent HUAWEI year-end bonus 150 billion yuan of the total message circulated on the Internet, but according to HUAWEI's annual earnings analysis, this message has obvious logic errors, while HUAWEI internal staff also said that this is obviously a rumor, in what HUAWEI.

recently broke the news from the media broke the news HUAWEI year-end awards standard, and calculate the total year-end awards will be 150 billion yuan, 3 years of staff can be assigned to the end of the year award 180 thousand. In this regard, HUAWEI employees said purely malicious rumors. HUAWEI

public information, 2014, revenue 288 billion 200 million yuan, net profit of 27 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 32.7%; 2015 annual income of 395 billion yuan ($60 billion 800 million); net profit of 36 billion 900 million yuan ($5 billion 700 million), an increase of 33%. 2016, according to the HUAWEI plan, the annual revenue target of $81 billion 800 million.

for the sales income of about 400000000000 yuan, the profit of the company tens of billions of dollars, to come up with 150 billion yuan as the year-end bonus is not realistic.

in this regard, communications experts Xiang Ligang believes that the news of HUAWEI's 150 billion bonus is widely spread by the mentally handicapped. HUAWEI will send a large amount of money, this is a very good development of the company, we should give employees a return, but the 150 billion bonus, this is all.

and HUAWEI internal staff also hinted that this message is malicious rumors, what HUAWEI, HUAWEI on the moral kidnapping. "This virality, eroding the finally established grounded efforts of the image technology. "These excessive praise HUAWEI, not to help HUAWEI progress, but for HUAWEI to build more resistance. "(Zi Fei) class= img_box" id= "id_imagebox_1" =''>

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