Jiang Mengjie skin is white to transparent Fan Ye Yin to Li Xiaoran?

Fan Bingbing Li Xiaoran Jiang Mengjie skin

Yesyule· 2016-12-06 06:00:40

Yes Entertainment (WeChat public number) in December 5th reported it is no secret that the female stars often rely on P white, let your skin looks flawless, more delicate temperament. Fan Bingbing's skin is famous for its white and tender, and Li Xiaoran has been called the most white female star in China. But every generation of talented people, recently found netizens, Jiang Mengjie's skin is white to transparent, there may be an opportunity for a photo of three people, who more than white, in order to satisfy the curiosity of fans.

"three days before the film master sword" premiere, you are the creator of all the scene. One of the first female lead actress Jiang Mengjie a group photo attracted a warm discussion. On the same day, Jiang Mengjie wore a black strapless dress, both cute and sexy, sitting in the middle of the director and the actor Lin update her fair complexion, such as snow doll routine, caused the majority of users of attention. The

crew revealed that Jiang Mengjie not only the white skin, the skin is also very good, in the movie "three master sword", even the makeup mirror also looks more texture than other actors, the staff said that due to the dream world Taibai, also need to maintain harmony in her black P when preparing stills. The director is also known as the dream Jie he took the white white actors, even the blood vessels in the skin can see. From the perspective of professional actors, sometimes it will cause skin white overexposure, must after processing.

friends said, Fan Bingbing white is a name, and Li Xiaoran has been called the most Chinese white female star, wanted to know if the same three boxes, who will look more white.

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